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Joe Biden Mifepristone

Biden Administration Goes All In For Abortion

The Biden Administration finalized a rule making permanent an abortion policy they used Branch Covidianism to implement. Under emergency authorization the abortion weapon, mifepristone, was allowed to be prescribed via telehealth services. With the emergency no longer politically expedient, the Democrat administration looks to make the temporary policy enacted in 2021 permenant.

Evangelical Dark Web has been vigilant reporting that mifepristone is the main tool of abortion, unfortunately the pro-life movement has been slow to adjust its rhetoric and strategy to this reality that the Guttmacher Institute now claims is used in more than half of abortions. According to the Associated Press:

Tuesday’s action formally updates the drug’s labeling to allow many more retail pharmacies to dispense the pills, so long as they complete a certification process.

The change could expand access at both brick-and-mortar stores and online pharmacies. Women can get a prescription via telehealth consultation with a health professional, and then receive the pills through the mail, where permitted by law.

In other words instead of a Planned Parenthood, they want it to be a CVS or Rite-Aid. Additionally the telehealth component makes it very difficult for activists on the ground. This is how the pro-abortion industry wants it.

Planned Parenthood’s business model is quickly becoming obsolete, streamlined by Big Pharma and telehealth services, leaving two responses.

First, the Pro-life movement must organize protests of pharmacies distributing mifepristone. Secondly, they need to combat this drug legislatively.

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