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Is Rachael Denhollander Ripping Off The SBC?

The Southern Baptist Convention has a deeply vested interest in portraying itself as a hive of sex abuse and sex abuse coverups. Unfortunately for their narrative, the facts don’t back this up. The Sex Abuse Task Force Report uncovered no previously unknown instances of sex abuse that were covered up, despite a multimillion dollar investigation. Oddly enough, the SBC has been circling the wagons to make sex abuse victims out of willing participants.

A central figure in this Me Too agenda controlling the SBC is Rachael Denhollander, and her grift in this matter has been laid out to bare on Daily Wire reporter, Megan Basham’s Twitter account.


The tweeted screenshot shows Rachael Denhollander running point for legal and public relations services for anyone who uses the hotline to report abuse. While the screenshot is dated on January 7, the message appears to be from May 25, weeks before the annual convention.

Providing further context, Basham posts a link to a story about how the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) had their national director resign over allegations that he was taking kickbacks from the law firms he was referring clients too. The question here is whether Rachael Denhollander is running the same game here.

Who could have seen this coming. A lot of people. 

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