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Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry Repents of Promoting Demonic Enneagram

The Enneagram is a highly pervasive personality test marketed to women in the church. To the casual observer it may seem like a Christianese version of Myers Briggs that lacks the broader cultural appeal that, say, the “love languages” has. But the origins of the Enneagram are far more nefarious than its more secularly marketed counterparts. While the 9 pointed star and the word gram may be foreshadow, they undersell the demonic origins.

Jackie Hill Perry is a prominent Big Eva podcaster and author. She works with The Gospel Coalition. In the past she has supported the Enneagram, by her own admission. Recently she took to Instagram to publicly repent of supporting what she lays out as a demonic ideology. Instagram stories may be fleeting but the internet is forever.

Jackie Hill Perry points out that the founders of the personality test relied heavily on occultic practices to come up with their system. She explains that one of the founders claims he was visited by an angel and how another claims that “automatic writing” was how he conceptualized the nine “enneatypes.” Automatic writing, Hill explains, is “a form of channeling spirits where a demon basically guides your hand or guides your mind to help you arrive at certain ideas.” Despite the fleeting microcontent format, she shows some of her sources.

But I think what I’m seeing is that if these men develop this framework, from demons, then that means that we are actually choosing to understand ourselves in ways that has nothing to do with the Spirit of God. Why wouldn’t Satan want to influence the way we understand ourselves?” Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry demonstrated what repenting of false teaching looks like, and this is to be commended.

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