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Brian Kemp

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp To Speak At World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is the largest gathering of elitists in the world and has a well documented record of dystopian ideology. Over the last three years this has been extensively called out by conservative media, and it’s not a shock when WEF supporters, be it Dan Crenshaw or Richard Land, show their true colors.

Perhaps the most surprising WEF attendee and speaker will be Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, who made a name for himself taking on Donald Trump in reopening Georgia as well as installing his own RINO to a vacant Senate seat. Additionally, Brian Kemp took on Major League Baseball over voter ID laws. Brian Kemp is in the conversation for a 2024 run, and would be a top tier VP choice due to his electability, prior to this news coming out.

Brian Kemp will be speaking at the world Economic Forum, as announced by his office on Wednesday

“Governor Kemp looks forward to traveling to Davos to share with leaders how the state of Georgia’s long record of conservative governance, protecting individual liberty, and championing opportunity can serve as a model for economic success across the country and around the world,” a Kemp spokesperson said Wednesday.

While Ron DeSantis is calling out the World Economic Forum, Brian Kemp is indulging them, at a minimum. This automatically makes Brian Kemp untenable for 2024, even as a VP canidate.

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    1. Depends whether you believe Trump is in line with the WEF. He gave an address at Davos in 2019.

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