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Gays Against Groomers Goes Full Groomer

Conservative Inc. has been enamored by the late to arrive shiny object known as Gays Against Groomers, the subversive opposition to the homosexual agenda, specifically as it relates to “Drag Queen Story Time” and transgenderism in general. It champions the mentality of Blaire White, a transvestite dude who became a prominent internet celebrity on the right because he’s a tranny. His mentality is that it’s okay for him to glamorize transgenderism for a broad audience making money with the fawning of homosexual simps. Likewise, this grift monetizes opposing the most brazen elements of their own movement in order to subvert the true movement opposed to the homosexual transvestite pedophile agenda.

On Twitter, they made this clear when they tweeted out their own version of a “Reject Modernity. Return to Tradition.” meme.

A certain Office meme comes to mind, “They’re the same picture.” The history of the Pride Flag is a history of homosexual grooming.

Harvey Milk, the many who commissioned the designing of the flag was all about sexual relations with minor. In other words, he was a groomer. Gays Against Groomers celebrates gay history, which is a history of grooming and recruiting impressionable people into their cult. This was true with Harvey Milk and its also true with Michel Foucault.

As I wrote in August about “Gays Against Groomers:”

Conservative Inc. needs to be wise to how this gravy train of clickbait will undermine our movement. It was the normalization of homosexuality that led to this. The “moderate gays” will not get us out. Moreover, this alternative is a distraction from the real solution, in that the conservative movement needs to embrace Christ, not chaos. Our failure to invoke the name and power of Jesus to spiritually transform our nation to repentance will be our undoing.

We cannot reverse the Romans 1 judgement of God without the gospel.

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  1. Right, they are trying to sell a wicked narrative that homosexuality is ok as long as the children are left alone. They are advancing a false narrative that homosexuals, cross-dressers, and so-called “trans” are good people, when the Bible clearly says they are unrighteous abominations headed for eternal damnation. And you can bet your last nickel, when push comes to shove, they will not tolerate anything contrary to their dictated narrative – whatever it is at a given time.

    In reality they are all like the sodomites beating down Lot’s door. That’s where it inevitably leads, with no exceptions. They despise and hate any and all who do not fall in line to affirm, support, endorse, and celebrate their abominable sin.

    By embracing abominable sin, Conservative Inc. is essentially sealing its fate. I can tell them right now, Christians aren’t gong to vote for that mess. Ain’t gonna happen. They think they have the vote of Bible-believing Christians all tied up because the other side is worse, but they’d better think again. Christians have another option, which is to not vote at all.

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