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Zulock Pedophiles

PCUSA Supplied Children To Homosexual Pedophile Ring

Last summer a story of a pair of homosexuals molesting the children they adopted made headlines, only to be forgotten. This past week, Townhall’s Mia Cathell has unveiled a series of reports that have opened this story to the wider scrutiny it deserved. Was the tragic horror story of two homosexual molesting children they were allowed to adopt the natural result of Obergefell? The Zulocks are certainly evidence attributable to this conclusion.

Moreover, the Evangelical Dark Web is on a mission to provide Christian news with discernment. This story represents the tragic consequences of apostacy, specifically that of the Presbyterian Church USA. Townhall uncovered that it was a “Christian” adoption agency that supplied two alleged pedophiles with children to rape and pimp out to other sodomites.

First Presbyterian Church in Athens, Georgia is a PCUSA church that, up until Covid, ran an adoption agency called All God’s Children, Inc. Townhall would describe a seemingly expedited adoption process, referencing an adoption shower in March of 2018.

Yet in 2011, Zachary Zulock would be a focal point in an investigation for pedophilic behavior that yielded an arrest but no subsequent charges or conviction.

More than a decade ago, there was a 2011 probe into Zachary’s alleged pedophilic behavior when he was accused of luring a 14-year-old boy to a residence in Walton County, the same jurisdiction as today’s horrifying child sexual abuse case, and having anal sex with the underage victim. But, the 2011 child rape case was shut down and no charges were pursued against Zachary.

Alcovy Judicial Circuit District Attorney Randy McGinley, who serves Walton County, has now formally asked the Walton County Sheriff’s Office to continue its previous probe because he believes “it was closed without a whole lot of investigation into it.”

“The 2011 case is being looked into by my office along with the Sheriff’s Office,” McGinley confirmed in an email to Townhall.

Townhall then cites an officer who stated that the investigation was not performed to the expectations the department currently or always maintained. The case has been reopened.

Emily Bailey appears to have ran point for the Zulocks, as indicated by screenshots of messages of Zachary Zulock apparently looking for more children to “adopt.” She informed them that the adoption agency shut down and referred them two to other sodomite friendly agencies, one of them being Bethany Christian Services.

In 2018, the Zulocks would adopt two brothers who came from a home of heroin addicts. Townhall reports that in late 2019 records of abuse begin to emerge. The pair who had been dating since 2013 would use Grindr, a sodomite hookup app, to recruit local pedophiles to their operation. This would indicate that the “married” couple was hardly monogamous. The others involved in the pedophilia are also charged with crimes.

As liberals will want to push back on this story being connected to homosexuality, it is worth pointing out that Zachary and William Zulock were homosexual activist with a doormat that accurately called their residence the “gayest place in town.” Additional questions are raised about their affluential situation, in spite of their professions.

This story is unthinkable in a sane society but entirely predictable in ours. This heart wrenching event seems to have only been uncovered because one of the sodomites involved snitched on the others leading to a police investigation. But the apostate church has blood on their hands for supplying children to this house of horrors. And this all stems from their promotion of homosexuality, in direct contrast with God’s word.

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