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Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson and Jared Moore Debate Concupiscence and Homosexuality

Doug Wilson has been involved in a controversy surrounding his views on concupiscence as it relates to homosexuality. Pastor Jared Moore has called out Doug Wilson for having a view that essentially had some of the same adopted premises and application as Side B theology. Side B theology teaches homosexual orientation and that homosexual desires are not sinful. Jared Moore maintains that internal desires are sins whereas Doug Wilson distinguishes between sinfulness and sin. Wilson followed up with a response on his own that insisted that he was misunderstood and defended his position as keeping in line with Reformed confessions of faith. However, this argument was somewhat of a house of cards because Doug Wilson both affirms orientation and showed that Wilson’s position was broadly understood. Jon Harris of Conversations That Matter hosted the two for an iron sharpening iron discussion on their public disagreement.

What occurred was an intelligent debate on where the line of sin is to be drawn. While Evangelical Dark Web has sided with Jared Moore, thus far, Doug Wilson came off as genuinely. He stated that orientation was no long a useful term at the end. Overall, the two men debated in good faith and had an impasse on the application of Reformed theology, specifically the Westminster Confession of Faith.

If I had to judge the interaction, I believe that Jared Moore was right and Doug Wilson was wrong, but in no way do I believe that Wilson is actively promoting Side B theology, rather incidentally affirming the underlying premises and applications through not only his view of concupiscence but also his unhelpful lexicon. The fact that Doug Wilson stated that his use of orientation was not something to continue using (despite using the term on the 11th) is a positive development if nothing else. But the public theological debate was had, and I encourage you to watch.

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2 Responses

  1. Problem is Doug is a far better debater than Moore. It did get interesting finally at the end but it was cut short.

    I think Doug’s underlying argument lies on the idea that jesus had to actually be tempted to sin. Like that sun would “look good” to Christ. I think he’s wrong about that. Maybe

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