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Andy Stanley

What Does Andy Stanley Believe About Homosexuality?

Andy Stanley achieved a reputation and perhaps pioneered the stereotype of a prominent megachurch pastor who avoids preaching about hot button issues. So, unsurprisingly there does not appear to be a go-to resource on Andy Stanley’s views, and his father, Charles Stanley, is not an indication of Andy’s theology on any given issue. So where does Andy Stanley stand on an issue he seldom talks about?

The main question is whether Andy Stanley is Side A or Side B. Neither position is orthodox. Side A is shorthand for “acceptance” but really means antinomian. Side B theology distinguishes between homosexual acts and desires, believing only the former is sinful. Both camps believe in sexual orientation and that “gay Christian” is an acceptable identity, although there is some debate in Side about that.

In 2012, Andy Stanly would preach a sermon titled “When Gracie Met Truthie” in which he would tell a 12 minute story about homosexual adultery. During the course of explaining how a man left his wife for another man, Andy Stanley explains that the moral dilemma was that the other man was still married to his wife. At this point Andy Stanley drew the line and said that ongoing adultery meant barred people from serving in the church. During the illustration, Andy Stanley made no hint at homosexuality being a sin, and at the end, joked about it being a “modern family” a reference to a popular TV show at the time. This was rightly derided by Big Eva, including Al Mohler.

Additionally, there is evidence that Andy Stanley’s North Point Church baptizes homosexuals. This past week, a viral video leaked out of Andy Stanley’s 2022 DRIVE Conference in which Andy Stanley praised the superior faith of “gay Christians” stating that they had more faith to keep returning to a place that has historically “mistreated” homosexuals and might not “accept” them.

Additionally, Andy Stanley makes reference to the so-called “Clobber verses” which is terminology from the Side A camp that tries to dispel the notion that homosexuality is condemned in Scripture. It takes about 6 key passages and conveniently ignores the mention of male prostitutes in the Old Testament.

Where, it’s Andy Stanley having zero qualms about ministry standards in his church as it relates to homosexuals, or even unrepentant adulterers, his refusal to call homosexuality a sin, and his celebration of homosexual contributions to his church, it’s clear that Andy Stanley approves of homosexuality and is firmly in the Side A camp.

All of this serves as evidence to why Andy Stanley is a false teacher.

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  1. “ Andy Stanley is a false teacher”

    Well that and his teachings that scripture is not the word of God

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