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Trevor Loudon Zelensky

Trevor Loudon Surprisingly Supports The Great Reset

Enemies Within The Church came out in late 2021 and did great work amplifying the Cultural Marxism infiltrating the church. A prominent figure and producer of that documentary was Trevor Loudon. Loudon is a fervent anti-communist who has written books and produced documentaries on communist infiltration. He currently works with Epoch Times. He is also not a professing Christian. This makes him a cobelligerent in this fight who recognizes that a strong church is vital to thwarting Cultural Marxism.

Yet he is blind to what he is supporting. Trevor Loudon is a staunch supporter of western intervention in Ukraine and published a video simping for Zelensky and claiming that the United States would fall if Ukraine loses to Russia. He also erroneously states that Ukrainians are slandered much like Trump supporters are slandered and compares Trump to Zelensky, even as Trump calls for de-escalation of the war.

Trump and Zelensky are not the same. Still, Loudon concedes that money in Ukraine is being misspent and our economies are being inflated all while pushing for more money which will ultimately fuel inflation and left wing causes here. But he can’t get the Cold War neoconservatism out of his head to see clearly on this issue.

As covered in the past, Ukraine is a proxy for the Great Reset. Zelensky was and continues to be a performer. In 2022, Ukraine unseated Covid to become the current thing. And while more were awake to the false narrative of Ukraine than the false narrative in Covid in March of 2020, it’s still shocking to see a man like Trevor Loudon fall for the banana in the tailpipe. 

Conspicuously absent from Trevor Loudon’s YouTube content is mention of the Great Reset, Canadian tyranny, or other English speaking national tyranny. Canada is quite literally a Cultural Marxist government and is actively euthanizing its citizens like its Soylent Green.

For an anti-communist to be silent on the Great Reset is quite bewildering. Although we should not be surprised that someone who lacks a Christian worldview falls for the “current thing” its disappointing that a valuable cobelligerent is so blue pilled on the actual threat of tyranny we face from Davos, not Moscow.

Update: Trevor Loudon reached out to Evangelical Dark Web to insist that he is against the Great Reset. He has done content exclusively for the Epoch Times to this end, pointing out the WEF’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party. He believes that Putin is CCP backed.

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  1. The so-called “Great Reset” is a conspiracy theory and anti-Semitic. Why not just be honest you hate Jews and democracy?
    Who is your pastor and why haven’t you been reported yet???

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