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Will The Southern Baptist Convention Disfellowship Saddleback Church Over Homosexuality?

Last year, the Southern Baptist Convention refused to disfellowship Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church over their ordination of women. But the offenses of Saddleback continue under the new leadership of Andy Wood. Andy Wood has been brazen in his relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention so far, daring them to disfellowship them over their egalitarianism. Now, Saddleback Church is daring the Southern Baptist Convention to disfellowship them over homosexuality.

There is substantial precedent for the Credentials Committee for the Southern Baptist Convention disfellowshipping gay churches, but these churches were mostly hangovers from a previous era in SBC history. The convention is notoriously slow with removing churches from their registry, so most of the churches disfellowshipped have been safe removals.

But, as we recently reported, Saddleback Church has grooming groups based on material taught at Andy Stanley’s Church. This material, as endorsed by Matthew Vines is Side A theology, not even the Side B theology that we’ve extensively covered here. Saddleback Church is Methodist on this issue, and if they were some rinky dink church in a podunk town, the Credentials Committee would give no second thought about it. But since this is the purpose driven church that has been a celebrated beacon in Southern Baptist history, they have been hesitant to do anything to combat their deteriorating theology, which was never great to begin with.

If grooming groups aren’t enough to warrant disfellowshipping, then Southern Baptist Churches should consider what this will mean for the church as a whole moving forward. SBCExit will only grow as more and more orthodox churches leave.

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