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The Gospel Coalition Unveils Keller Center For Cultural Apologetics

The Gospel Coalition remains one of the largest online ministries operating in Christianity, despite the fact that Tim Keller is a false teacher. Yesterday, The Gospel Coalition announced the Keller Center For Cultural Apologetics, aimed at evangelizing in a post-Christian culture.

Much of the Keller Center is meant to address the front door back door issues of the church. In other words, we need to not lose the youth and we need to win the lost. So what solutions does The Keller Center propose to help the church with this age old problem?

Compelling podcasts and articles…

The Keller Center’s resources equip Christians with answers developed in collaboration between leaders in the academy, marketplace, and church. We have begun to develop creative and accessible apologetics content on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, where many young people first encounter arguments against Scripture and faith.

How original. But the reality is that the Keller Center is a Big Eva recruiting tool. It’s promise to “send out the equipped” is rather a promise to send out the indoctrinated to pollute the church with false doctrine, much like The Gospel Coalition itself. But this time it will include a dose of “how do you do, fellow kids” because The Gospel Coalition is woefully inept to compete on YouTube, even with their behomoth of a platform.

The Keller Center announced a list of 26 fellows in their inaugural cohort. And the list is rather gay.


Sam Allberry is the founder of Living Out, a Side B ministry in the UK. He is an avid promoter of Side B theology in the church.

Joshua Ryan Butler is a Big Eva up and comer. He’s speaking at Jennie Allen’s IF:Gathering which is a major red flag.

Rachel Gilson was one of the corrupting influences at Cru. She brought the Socail Justice Gospel to them. Gilson also thinks transgnder pronouns are a difficult issue. According to Keller, she’s a qualified voice for cultural apologetics.

Rebecca McLaughlin doesn’t even have a biblical stance on abortion and advocates a welfare state as a solution because Constantine.

Christopher Watkin is the author of the Biblical Critical Theory book, that Tim Keller and The Gospel Coalition have been pushing hard.

Trevin Wax is an effeminate NAMB staffer and one of the biggest stars at The Gospel Coalition.

This list of names already appears to be more liberal on culture than the average church attendee and perhaps the average American. It consists of names of infiltrators and effeminate men.

If we want to win the culture, we need to be salt and light, not “how do you do, fellow kids” with the same ideology that built Tim Keller’s megachurch in New York City and proliferated false teaching everywhere.

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