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Joel Webbon Interview

Joel Webbon Discusses Family Integrated Worship, Mark Driscoll, And Christian Wealth

Joel Webbon is widely known as a postmillennial theonomist and Christian Nationalist. He is the pastor of Covanent Bible Church in Georgetown, Texas and the leader of Right Response Ministries. Last night, he joined Evangelical Dark Web for an interview unlike most interviews he’s probably given.

We begin talking about the churches response to Covid and the rise of Branch Covidianism, to which he posits that Christians were not presuppositional in their approach to the issue. Too many Christians indulged the science as neutral and ignored the teaching of total depravity when it came to the idea of why doctors would lie about a pandemic.

We then discussed the topic of family integrated worship, in which Webbon invokes the regulative principle of worship to suggest that churches are not meant to separate children from adults for worship. Webbon leads a family integrated church, and I attend one as well. We discuss the challenges of this, which is the unruly children. Joel Webbon provides practical advise for worshipping at home which trains young children to be able to worship with the body on “game day.”

We then talk about church polity in which I get Webbon to unpack his view that Baptist polity, congregationalism, is more biblically based than credobaptism itself. Joel Webbon appeals to the authority of the local church arguing that synods and presbyteries are not prescribed in Scripture.

We then get into a nuanced discussion about Mark Driscoll. I’ve always found it troubling how much Mark Driscoll is dunked on because the people, like Christianity Today, that cite Mark Driscoll have abhorrent theology. While Mark Driscoll has issues, mainly Big Eva mentality, he is also a stalwart pastor against feminism, Branch Covidianism, Social Justice, and sexual immorality. Joel discusses how Mark Driscoll was set up to fail by his church polity that cucked the campus pastors out of preaching on Sunday and how trying to preach masculinity and single income households in Seattle was an uphill battle from the start. Webbon takes a more reserve judgement towards Driscoll for his falling out with Mars Hill.

We end on a discussion of finance. I asked Joel Webbon what he thought about Dave Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, giving away all his wealth. Joel Webbon firmly stated that it was sinful and wicked to do so. Webbon insisted a righteous man leaves an inheritance for his children and grandchildren, and God does not mean that only to be spiritual. Webbon states that it was a boomer mentality to spend children’s inheritance. We discuss the challenges being faced by the youth of today who are making considerably less than previous generations (real wage) and can afford fewer assets. The conclusion was that this was all the more reason to invest and leave an inheritance.

Note: We are having trouble getting the audio podcast. We will update the article once it’s ready.

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