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Damar Hamlin

Damar Hamlin Wears Jacket With Blasphemous Jesus Depiction

Damar Hamlin became a household name in America after he had a non-football related accident on the field during a nationally televised Monday Night Football game. This led to weeks of sports media theatrics and shallow prayers for virtue signalling which were soon replaced by the league with “love” for Damar. Damar Hamlin was early on portrayed as a Christian athlete. The bizarre behavior of Hamlin has been anything but Christian from blaspheming God on social media and now depicting Christ on his clothing in a vulgar manner.

On the front is says “Without end or beginning, there is no day and there is no night” which is so pretentious, it sounds like it comes from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas. On the back it says “ETERNAL” On both sides Jesus is depicted in a fiendish way. Whether it’s drugs, zombie fiction, vampire fiction, or some perverted artistic creation, Damar Hamlin mocks Christ, weeks after being the largest benefactor of prayer in the United States.

The movie Saving Private Ryan comes to mind where Tom Hanks tells Private Ryan to “earn it.” America witnessed Damar Hamlin keel over and nearly die in a way reminiscent of how all to many Americans have died suddenly since January 2021 and heaped prayer upon God, only for Damar Hamlin to mock the God who spared his life.

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