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Damar Hamlin

Update: Damar Hamlin ‘Apologizes’ For Blasphemous Jacket

During the Super Bowl Damar Hamlin went viral for wearing a jacket with a blasphemous depiction of Jesus. Damar Hamlin was the Buffalo Bills safety that had a non football related accident on the field of a game and nearly died on national television, causing the country to turn to prayer and virtue signaling. Hamlin, despite professions of faith, has acted incongruently with Christianity, an observation that climaxed with the Super Bowl attire he wore. It seemed that Hamlin mocked the very God who spared his life and the people who prayed for him.

On Wednesday, Damar Hamlin would walk back his actions and publicly apologize on Twitter.

Now was this a real and genuine apology? Probably not. The pretentious art design on Hamlin’s jacket was part of a sacrilege fashion design by Takashi Murakami. The design in question is or has been called “Travis Jesus” a reference to Travis Scott, a performer who held a Satanic ritual at one of his concerts in late 2021 where people died. The $3150 jacket is a tribute to Travis Scott, a man well versed in the occult, although the design predated the infamous Astroworld concert. This was an obvious bad idea for Hamlin who follows up his apology stating that his faith is “not tied to symbolic images” which sounds like he’s implying that the people who were displeased reacted because they were tying faith to iconography.

The apology is also missing the words, “I’m sorry,” “I was wrong,” and or “won’t happen again.”

As Hamlin’s fifteen minute of fame wane, it also remains curious as to why he won’t explain what cause his accident in the first place.

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  1. It could be as simple as I have more money than I know what to do with, so I dropped $3500 without even really looking at it.

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