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Asbury Revival

The Asbury Revival Narrative Is Crumbling

The Asbury Revival has been underway for about a week as an elongated worship service attracted national attention and curiosity. A liberal Methodist seminary seems to be the last place one would expect a revival to occur, but liberal denominations, long dead, are in desperate need of one. Is God raising up saints in the unlikeliest of places or is this a massive display of hyperemotionalism as opposed to a genuine call for repentance?

Conflicting reports exists as to how much or how well the gospel is being preached at this revival. Reports of homosexuals leading worship and events being claimed exorcisms also exist. The event has received praise from Todd Bentley and Sean Feucht, all the more reason to draw suspicion but not conclusive.

Jon Harris interviews two witnesses of the events, and what they describe is what they would call a “Rubbernecking Revival” in that many people are there to see if the revival is genuine rather than to become saved.

And while there has been testimony to homosexuals repenting, the time of this repenting, per the testimony, was well before the last eight days. Meanwhile, Asbury Theological Seminary allows open homosexuals to attend.

Revivals in Scripture are generally followed by a confrontational call to repentance (Jonah 3, Acts 2). But the witnesses Jon Harris brings on testify that the preaching largely assumes the gospel or is peddling the notion that God saves us from something other than sin.

Additionally, while the students have received the credit online for this event, the transitions are still being directed by the seminary staff. The liberal student who made the claim about homosexuals leading

This Elijah character defends the school’s orthodoxy with a certain vitriol against orthodox believers.

There are many reasons to doubt the authenticity of this revival, yet that doesn’t mean that people can’t or aren’t being saved by a bogus revival. But a liberal Methodist seminary is not going to disciple new believers or even provide a positive influence for so-called Baby Christians.


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4 Responses

  1. I’m not sure how much of this move at Asbury is of the Holy Spirit, but I believe there are people there that are genuinely seeking the Lord! However, on FEBRUARY 23rd Rick Warren, Francis Chan & Mike Bickle & others are going to be there…the invasion begins!!! If no one is discerning then they will be allowed to taint the meetings & no one will have the courage to make them leave & thereby everything will move in the wrong direction!!! ~~Donna

  2. Anyone who attends these satanic “revivals” is going to hell forever to burn for eternity! Everything knows the Holy Spirit stopped working 2000 years ago! Read your Bibles!!!!

    1. I see you are trolling here also, using other people’s names.

      It has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit. They will burn in Hell forever because theirs is a false gospel, wrongly believing sin does not separate them from God, and that they therefore do not need to repent, and do not need a need a savior. They pervert the grace of God into a license for immorality, like the false prophets Jude warned about.

      Jesus said the Holy Spirit does three things: Convicts the world of sin. Convicts the world of righteousness. And convicts the world of judgment. Thereby comforting the saints.

      None of the three are present at this “revival” in question. Where there are no such convictions, the Holy Spirit is not present. Probably lots of demons there, if not Satan himself, but not the Holy Spirit.

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