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Idaho Christians sabotaging DQSH

Based: Christians In Idaho Sabotage Drag Queen Story Hour

Pocatello, Idaho is a small town in Bannock County located in southeastern Idaho whose public library, Marshal Public Library, recently held a Drag Queen Story Hour event in which transvestite pedophiles dress as caricatures of women while interacting with children and promoting their degeneracy.

On January 17, parental activists attended a library board meeting to read from the obscene books. On January 21, this library held a DQSH event. After seeing what went on in their local community, they organized so that next time, they would be ready.

February 11 would be the next event. According to parental activist group, Mass Resistance:

Our activists initially planned to gather in the lobby of the library, just outside the meeting room of the DQSH. They were going to sing hymns so that the Drag Queens and the attendees in the main meeting room could hear them. If the police were called to force them to leave, then our team would go outside, stand around the library near the windows and sing. Everyone can hear people outside of the library, so it would have been a peaceful disruption.

But as the event came closer, they had the idea to go into the meeting room early and take up all the seats! That way, they would prevent adults from taking children into the story hour.

As the Christians showed up and started reading the Bible, the library event director asked the people not participating in the event to leave. No one did.

As the Christians occupied every seat, those by the time the liberals and their children arrived, the room was above the occupancy limit and they were made to leave. No children were in attendance!

The transvestite read gay children’s books and sang songs, as was done the month before. But the event ended early lasting only around thirty minutes.

Don Whitecar, pastor of Mountain Valley Baptist Church reportedly used a bus to drop congregants off at the event to do the sit in. Other activist included Republican leaders, members of Mass Resistance, and people of other churches and faiths, like Mormons.


Mormon Church Condemn The Sit-In

Despite the fact that Mormons were reportedly among the DQSH’s saboteurs, the LDS Church condemned the protest. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a statement Tuesday that took issue with Saturday’s sit-in protest and the involvement of some LDS church members.

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did not sanction or support these protests. Our faith does not support divisive or hateful behavior toward our brothers and sisters. We strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ to love one another,” said Cameron D. Brower, Chubbuck Idaho Stake president and the local representative for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Tuesday’s statement.

The LDS Church also supports gay marriage now, making this statement entirely unsurprising.


This amount of passive resistance foiled the scheme of pedophiles and bad parents to groom their children into sexual degeneracy. But it took Christians being active in their local community and then showing up in numbers. We don’t need the majority, just the majority who show up to make a difference in this case.


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  1. The fact that the LDS church disavowed this is perhaps the most shameful thing in their history. You really have to wonder if the prophet is actually Mormon.

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