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Matt Walsh vs Brett Cooper On Transgenderism: Which Way Daily Wire?

The Daily Wire is the epitome of Conservative Inc for both its positive and negative contributions to the conservative movement. Last month the Daily Wire came under intense scrutiny over its failed deal with Steven Crowder, and as it would turn out the underlying business model of the Daily Wire is so reliant on Big Tech, it limits the willingness for the Daily Wire to go places until the dust has settled. Ben Shapiro was notoriously pro-Fauci long after the position was unpopular and only recently came to grips with the Covid jabs, while taking no responsibility for his vitriolic insistence that his audience get jabbed.

The best of Daily Wire, in terms of both magnitude and direction is Matt Walsh, mainly because he is highly effective on Twitter. He recently came under fire by many grifters on the right, like Brad Polumbo, for his viral message to Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney is a TikToker who is famous for being a transvestite and has gone viral on several occasions.

In constrast the incredibly astroturfed commentator Brett Cooper was hailing homosexual transvestite activist Jeffrey Star as a BASED voice of reason on the gender issue. the two pathways could not be any more distinct, and the Daily Wire as well as the conservative movement must choose which response we prefer.

In two minutes, Matt Walsh takes Dylan Mulvaney to the woodshed over how he’s destroyed his masculinity and has not increased his femininity as a result of his embrace of transgenderism. He compassionately tells Mulvaney he’s he’s not a woman, no one actually thinks he’s a woman, and he will never become a women. Matt Walsh articulates the concept of gender exceedingly well in this clip and lets Mulvaney know that his counterfeit attempts to become a woman will never be enough. It’s a harsh truth, but Matt Walsh delivered it softly in tone. It’s everything Mulvaney’s father, mother, brothers, and sisters should have told him a long time ago.

For this Matt Walsh was decried as hateful and cruel. There’s a swath among the right, a minority for sure, that believes that being “nice” will change minds. But speaking the truth in love does not always sound “nice.” It should, however, sound necessary, and I believe Matt Walsh did an excellent job here delivering a harsh truth with language that is penetrating and a tone that carries with it compassion.

In contrast, a clip went viral last week about Jeffrey Star, a gay transvestite who’s famous from a different era of the internet. Brett Cooper called his take on the gender issue based. But what was based about it?

Jeffrey Star states that there’s male, female, and trans. Brett Cooper says this is based and common sense. But Genesis 1 clearly establishes that God created them male and female. There are no transgender people, only transvestites. Therefore there is no difference between Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Star. They are both transvestites.

Additionally, Brett Cooper applauded Jeffrey Star for saying that parents shouldn’t transgender their children “too young.” Brett Cooper called it based that Jeffrey Star wants to protect children. But what children does Jeffrey Star want to protect? What’s too young? The based position is that parents who transgender their children should go to jail and be registered sex offenders for child sex abuse. So per Jeffrey Star, are we too believe its wrong for a parent to transgender a two year old but a 16 year old is fine? What is the standard here, because it’s not based in Scripture. How about, it’s wrong to transgender children and adults, period.

To say that transgenderism is fine but “nonbinary” is a bridge too far is simply the age old problem on the right that pundits want their degeneracy and no further. Dave Rubin doesn’t want trannies upsetting his victimhood status. Blaire White doesn’t want younger people emulating (and thus competing) with him. Jeffrey Star is a transvestite who doesn’t want more young trannies. How is this based.

What are we trying to conserve, because Brett Cooper actively shifting the Daily Wire audience to the left is not going to help the culture. Brett Cooper is as unserious a commentator as others, like Jason Whitlock of the Blaze, have said. She’s not fighting a culture war, she’s capitulating on the culture. This is the problem when Conservative Inc uses simp culture to astroturf laughably mediocre out of work actress to the tune of 1.88 million subs on YouTube.

For the Christian, the choice is clear, but for the Conservative Inc, they must choose Matt Walsh or Brett Cooper to their approach to fighting the culture war. 

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