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SBC Wants To Pay Pro-Homosexual Law Firm $2 Million To Build Slander Website

The Southern Baptist Convention announced that the Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force recommends that Guidepost Solutions build their database website of pastors “credibly accused” of sex abuse. Guidepost Solutions is a the pro-grooming lawfirm that the Southern Baptist Convention contracted to investigate sex abuse and sex abuse coverups. They revealed no unknown instances of sex abuse or sex abuse coverups in their report, and ultimately accused Johnny Hunt of sexual assualt and maintained the lie of Jennifer Lyell’s abuse victimhood status.

Now the Southern Baptist Convention wants them to build a website for $2 million. The ARITF was given $3 million by Send Relief to accomplish the work mandated by the messengers, according to Baptist Press.

Guidepost Solutions published a list of “credibly accused” individuals. The list amounted to newspaper clippings and people who were convicted. Almost all of it was public domain and it was not uniquely Southern Baptist. The list also included David Sills who has since sued Guidepost and several SBC entities and figures for defamation. Guidepost featured a picture of him on this list, and his lawsuit mentions he is the only one to have a one. Sills has not been charged with a crime. And what the SBC accused him of wasn’t sex abuse, yet they recklessly applied the label anyway. No doubt the creation of this website would invite even more liability.

Although most of the convention seems on board with or non resistant to the Me Too Movement in the church, Guidepost Solutions is highly controversial because it’s viewed as a gay law firm. Additionally, the ARIFT overstepped its bounds when Todd Benkert tried to oust SBC churches over Guidepost’s findings regarding Johnny Hunt. Todd Benkert was booted from ARIFT last Friday. The SBC’s evaluation of the firms maintains that Guidepost Solutions did a good job and is reliable on this issue.

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