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Bart Barber Doubles Down On Hiring Pro-Grooming Law Firm

Earlier this week, the Southern Baptist Convention announced its intentions to hire Guidepost Solutions to build a website to record and database “credibly accused” sex abusers. This included a proposed estimate upwards of $2 million dollars for a website. The decision has predictably come under fire, even from Willy Rice, as the Guidepost is largely unpopular in the Southern Baptist Convention because of their outspoken support of homosexuality and the violation of 1 Corinthians 6.

Bart Barber and his toadies from the woke Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force took to twitter to defend the reputation of the shady law firm. Last year, Guidepost Solutions published the Sex Abuse Task Force Report which uncovered zero unknown instances of sex abuse or sex abuse cover up and made recommendations that have financially benefitted the firm.

Guidepost Caught Donating To Liberal Soros Backed Group

It didn’t take long for internet sleuths to debunk Bart Barber’s claim. While donating to police associations isn’t exactly virtuous, as we watched police arrest mothers in parks over the last three years, Guidepost has contributions beyond just law enforcement related nonprofits.

In the diversity and inclusion portion of Guidepost’s website shows a list of organizations that Guidepost and its employees support. The most notable organization to raise red flags is Human Rights First, an organization far more liberal than Joe Biden. They actively promote homosexuality, illegal immigration, and abortion. Capstone Report uncovered their connections to the notorious liberal oligarch, George Soros.

Bart Barber claimed as left as they’ve gone is bootlicking causes, but supporting Human Rights First is far more liberal than police related organizations. So is Bart Barber lying?

According to the SBC, the ARITF confronted Guidepost on the issue of their open support of homosexuality and Mike Keabone claims that Guidepost ceased activity on their Twitter account in response to SBC pressure. Mike Keabone is the woke Native American activist on ARITF. While its true that Guidepost’s twitter account is inactive, at a minimum the SBC did not do its due diligence in verifying Guidepost’s charitable or organizational contributions. The police orgs is palpably false. At a maximum, the Southern Baptist elites are lying to the public about Guidepost because Guidepost is their vehicle for installing Rachael Denhollander theology in the church.

Which of these is true, it’s hard to say, but the short timing for the question of Guidepost’s charitable contributions being raised to unconvering the lie in Bart Barber’s statements suggests that Bart Barber was lying more than the SBC did not do due diligence.

Mike Keabone would go on a thread expounding upon how Guidepost Solutions was by far the most qualified firm to build a website of this magnitude. 

But the compatibility of Guidepost to competently build a website was based on highly flawed judgement calls including finding that an organization that supports homosexuality is credible on the issue of sex abuse and that Guidepost did a good job with the SATF report.

As the SBC continues doubling down on defending both Guidepost Solutions and their decision to hire them, discernment ministries and SBC dissidents will only uncover more incriminating details towards this indefensible decision.

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