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Tucker Carlson Calls Out Tim Keller, David French, and Beth Moore

In Spiritual Warfare it’s nice to have some air support, and in this case, air support is in reference to air time at the only culturally significant hour of Fox News, Tucker Carlson. On yesterday’s show, Tucker Carson stood up for Canadian Christians getting arrested for opposing grooming and furthermore took aim at prominent Big Eva figures in the church: David French, Beth Moore, and Tim Keller.

Tucker Carlson’s monologue on this subject of religion began with describing how government’s in general view a higher power as competition. He detailed how the American government has been weaponized against conservative Christians under Biden. From there he shifts to talking about Canada, implying that America’s trajectory lies to our north. He details a pastor getting arrested after violently getting tossed out by groomers at a drag queen story hour he was opposing. From there he takes a shot at David French, Beth Moore, and Tim Keller.

Folks in Conservative Inc. are quite familiar with David French, who ten years ago may have said some based things but once Trump came around he became a liberal both politically and theologically. David French’s influence in the church cannot be discounted as he has been an influential political voice who has parlayed his years of selling out to work for the New York Times.

Beth Moore on the other hand was a definite sign that Tucker Carlson was trying to move the needle. Although, truth be told, Beth Moore’s influence has waned thanks to discernment ministries. Priscilla Shirer has likely overtaken her role.

But Tucker Carlson saved the best for last when he name dropped Tim Keller. Keller is undeniably one of the most influential pastors in America to the church’s detriment. He is likely up there as the most quoted contemporary on any given Sunday. Tim Keller is a false teacher, as he has always been theologically liberal.

Yet Keller is especially special since he launched the Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics. But what defending of the faith has Keller done. The Gospel Coalition simped the Canadian government as they arrested pastors. They gave a tepid response when Canada effectively made it illegal to preach the gospel to homosexuals.

As Tim Keller reaches his final years, it’s great to see more scrutiny come upon him. Tucker Carlson name dropping him will definitely have an impact in Evangelical spaces on the legacy of Keller and how it compares to the fallen legacies of David French and Beth Moore.

Big Eva pastors have often complained about people in church being discipled more by Tucker Carlson than them, and it’s because Tucker Carlson shows more discernment.

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  1. Listening to the full Tucker segment right now. He also called out Russell Moore who may be the biggest fraud. Trump called him out as a “”truly a terrible representative” of Evangelicalism and all of the good they stand for. A nasty guy with no heart!”. Trump knew more about Moore than Big Eva.

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