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Eric Adams

Mayor Eric Adams Advocates Heresy; Christian, Conservative Media Celebrates

This week, several media outlets published articles and fluff pieces surrounding New York Mayor Eric Adams for the viral quote of, “When we took prayers out of schools, guns came into schools.”

The statement garnered much media attention from Christian outlets and Conservative outlets who regurgitated a single quote from a speech given at an interfaith breakfast. Fox News, The Blaze, Daily Wire, Charlie Kirk of TPUSA, and Christian Post all peddled this narrative. The media has an incessant tendency to promote any inkling of a leftist or celebrity declaring something that sounds even remotely true in the broader political context.

These media outlets treat Eric Adams proclaiming that churches are like gyms and faith needs to be lived out as him saying religion, particularly Christianity, should have a role in governance. These media outlets omit context and the record surrounding the New York mayor. Moreover, they neglect to mention the pervasive heresy that Adams, who claims to be a Christian, stated in his speech.

Guns and Prayer

Analyzing the quote in question which garnered headlines, Adams is incorrect in his assertion. Prayer being removed from schools did not permit guns to come in as a replacement. Plenty of generations had guns in schools, like students storing them in the back of their pickup trucks or school clubs. Prayer was removed, but it was replaced by Marxism; antiwhite ideologies that denigrate national identity and perpetuate victim mentalities; nihilism, that life is meaningless and everything came from nothing; sexualization, schools became child molestation factories; and medication, as 12.9 percent of 12-17 year-olds are on some form of psychiatric drugs. Prescriptions of SSRI drugs correlates to mass shootings of which Adams theatrically laments while broken homes in minority communities leads to everyday violence. The problem is not just taking prayer out of school, but what they put into the schools to replace prayer. Adams is wrong, yet the media slurped his words anyway.

Eric Adams launched the Office of Faith-Based and Community Partnership (OFCP) and gave these words at an interfaith breakfast, launching this initiative to combat “hate crimes” and gun violence. This speech is him pandering to a religious audience. As would be expected at any “interfaith” function, his speech is rife with falsehoods, and it is only due to the media reaction that these heresies are worth discussion.


The real story is that Eric Adams gave a speech that should be clipped apart by Woke Preacher Clips. Before he talked about taking prayer out of schools, he first asserts a universalism that all religions are the same.

And I want to just touch on a few items and then allow us to really exchange greetings with each other. And I thought Pastora Rodriguez, what I do often that I would encourage you to do is to go into houses of worship that do not speak the language that I’m familiar with. If I’m speaking Spanish or Greek Coptic church or a Sikh temple, go into those houses of worship and you will begin to fully understand how God does not speak with us in language, he communicates through our hearts. And I did not have to be fluent in Spanish to know what you were saying to me and understanding every word of it.

Acknowledging a female pastor is the least of the heresies Adams uttered throughout his speech. He essentially asserts that regardless of language “God” can speak within houses of worship, including pagan temples.

Universalism is persistent throughout this speech as he calls on religious institutions to coordinate with the state for mental health, housing, and social stability. He would later state, “The synagogue is the gym. The church is the gym. The Sikh temple is the gym. The mosque is the gym. You are there for training. You are not there to leave your best worship in the gym.”

God speaks to the hearts of Man through His Word, not some religious experience. According to Adams, whom Christian Post called a Christian, there are multiple channels to God. The only channel to God is Jesus, who is given no mention or reference in this speech.

God as a Woman?

In any other context, Adams would be treated as another Woke Preacher Clip, and unfortunately, his sentiments are not rare.

This is an important time. And I say it over and over again when I wake up, it scares me that I’m not scared. I do not wake up one day believing, as mommy would say, “Baby, you got this.” New Yorkers, we got this. We got this. And you have to really transform from reading to believing. Regurgitating a scripture or the Quran or a religious text is not believing. It is reading. And when you have gone through what I have gone through, you have to say to yourselves, “There is no way that the creator has taken me this far to leave me.” It’s just not possible. The creator had so many times to leave me, so many times to abandon me, but she has not.

In this quote, which follows the previous, he moves from Universalism to calling God a woman. It is clear from the video, he referred to the creator as a “she,” so this is not a transcript error. There is a broader movement to remove gendered language when in reference to God because feminist are offended at the idea of a God with masculine pronouns. This is a recurring issue within the Anglican Church. Other sects seek to target the Holy Spirit as a maternal figure. 

Nevertheless, he mentions the removal of prayer from schools in his speech in the paragraph after he calls God a woman.

God-like Approach

Man fell for the desire to “be like God,” so it is amusing that Adams refers to his approach of governance as a “God-like” approach.

We are destroying our next generation, destroying them. And we say over and over again, “We need to build a world that’s better for our children.” No, we need to build children that’s better for our world. And we have to be honest about that. And it means instilling in them some level of faith and belief. Ingrid was so right. Don’t tell me about no separation of church and state. State is the body. Church is the heart. You take the heart out of the body, the body dies. I can’t separate my belief because I’m an elected official. When I walk, I walk with God. When I talk, I talk with God. When I put policies in place, I put them in with a God-like approach to them. That’s who I am. And I was that when I was that third-grader, and I’m going to be that when I leave government. I am still a child of God and will always be a child of God and I won’t apologize about being a child of God. It is not going to happen.

So when Eric Adams imposed vaccine passports and employer mandates, he was taking a “god-like” approach. When he fired NYC teachers and reported them to the FBI for political targeting, he was taking a god-like approach. When Eric Adams enacted policy to dispense abortion pills and protect child sacrifice, he was taking a god-like approach. Publicly, Adams even credits his teenage girlfriend’s abortion with allowing him to become mayor. And when Adams spent $6.7 million on the Alphabet Agenda, he was taking a god-like approach.

Eric Adams is a wicked man, and his approach to governance is unironically god-like. He governs with an iron fist, enacting the very godless policies that led to the societal decay he laments while being vindictive against his dissidents. To Mayor Adams, religious diversity gives New York its brand, and should be expanded upon. Calling the state the body and the church the heart is essentially glorifying the State. Under this worldview, religion functions to the benefit of the State and public order. The Body of Christ transcends both the nations and the individual states. The Church exists not for the State but to disciple the nations until Christ’s return. 

Christians are to have a Christ-like approach, not a God-like approach. This distinction matters. The Church is to be Christ’s bride and Christians should function as His ambassadors to His Kingdom. Christians are called to reflect Jesus, not become “god-like.” The desire to be “god-like” is why humanity requires a savior.

Christian Post included this satanic deception in their fluff piece.


Conservative Inc longs to be liked by the world and gladly highlights the words of liberals who seemingly agree with their talking points. Meanwhile Christian Post will highlight any mention of God for clickbait articles. They do this because their consumers desire to hear these things. People want to believe that revival is just around the corner.

This was seen in the glorification of a prayer on ESPN that omitted any Trinitarian reference. People glommed on to Asbury believing that they were experiencing God. Suckers are made every day seeking signs and wonders like those at Bethel. Eric Adams mentioning prayer received the same treatment despite the abhorrent teaching surrounding the clickbait soundbites.

No Christian could have read his speech in its entirety and believed he was referring to a Thrice Holy God. Eric Adams might not have been wearing a blasphemous jacket or performing a strip show in a thong in front of children, yet he was speaking the lies of Satan, nonetheless.

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  1. You’re conclusion is especially on point. It really bothers me when conservative Inc (is there an abbreviation for it) gets all excited and goes, “see, see!” And again, thank you so much for watching that garbage so I don’t have to, and taking the time to explain what you saw because almost all “conservative media” turns to garbage once they sell enough advertising.

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