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TGC Horny Jail

The Gospel Coalition Cancels Josh Butler

What does it take to get The Gospel Coalition to apologize for a bad article? And what sort of article would they ever apologize for? We just found that out. The answer lies in whom The Gospel Coalition answers to. Spoiler alert: it’s not God.

Last week, The Gospel Coalition wrote an article on how sex points to the gospel. Of the many TGC articles covered here on Evangelical Dark Web, this was one of the most benign, but the impact of the article was certainly newsworthy and continues to be. In the article, Joshua Butler would use sexual imagery to describe Jesus and the church. The problem was first that Butler prefaced the article with his own romantic escapades denoting an underlying amount of thirstiness, rather than a historic Christian thought or exegesis of the Song of Solomon. Secondly, as I concluded:

The Bible indicates that the current state of Christ and His bride is betrothal, to be consummated in glory on the Second Coming. So Josh Butler has prematurely ejaculated this metaphor used in Scripture. So for this, the internet meme of “Horny jail” is most fitting, and we hereby sentence Josh Butler to Horny Jail.

Horny jail is a public shaming of people on the internet who appear too thirsty in the comment section, and in this case the premature salacious writings of Josh Butler are most deserving.

It’s also worth commenting on the witnessing aspect of this. If you try this one out in the mission field, you might get burned like when Michael Bird tried talking about Jesus having nocturnal emissions. Let’s not be like Side Show Bob and step unto our own rake, as The Gospel Coalition is want to do.

The argument that Josh Butler makes needed to be properly framed and in the correct context, of which it was neither. But it wasn’t on the surface heresy.

So this sex positive article, while not as bad as many others, got retracted last week and a subsequent apology was rendered:

Thank you for your feedback on the Keller Center’s book excerpt from Joshua Butler posted on March 1, 2023. And thank you for your patience while we took the time to listen to our critics and the serious objections from concerned fellows, as well as discuss this matter with our Board of Directors and care for our friend Josh.

Earlier this week, we accepted Josh’s resignation as a Keller Center fellow. He will no longer lead an online cohort with the center nor speak at TGC23. While he will no longer participate in these events, Josh remains a beloved brother and friend whom we respect and care deeply about.

To our fellows and our readers, please forgive us. The Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics is a new effort by TGC, and we are still learning how to work with our directors and our fellows to produce content that will serve our readers in a way that is trusted and wise. To ensure greater accountability with our fellows, we will develop better review systems for our work together. We will also review our publication processes more broadly at TGC and develop plans to ensure greater accountability to you, our readers.

Again, thank you for your patience with us. At TGC, we want to provide a venue for healthy dialogue and robust debate on important matters that affect us all. We want to model grace-filled conversations, and we want to learn from one another. In this case, we failed you and hurt many friends. Thank you in advance for your continued prayers.

For Christ and his gospel,

Julius Kim
The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition announced that Josh Butler has been canceled from the newly founded Keller Center For Cultural Apologetics and the TGC23 Conference. Josh Butler was a simp for Big Eva, and now they spat him out due to backlash.

But it wasn’t conservative Christians who got The Gospel Coalition to backtrack and cancel Butler. It was the egalitarian feminists. The former have ratio’d The Gospel Coalition on numerous times, even getting them to turn off replies, but the pressure came from the effeminates within and feminists without.

So, we cannot call this a W, because it just shows us how far gone and unaccountable to the body of Christ, and ultimately God, The Gospel Coalition truly is. Rick Warren demands an apology; he gets one. But when The Gospel Coalition calls Ruth and Naomi a civil union, we call that out to no avail.

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