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Richard Land Ignores Ukraine’s Atrocities As He Advocates Globalist Solution To War

The Christian Post is at the forefront of Christian Media’s capitulation to the globalist and Zionist movements that have had regular pieces that regurgitate Anti Defamation League (ADL) talking points, using this anti-Christ organization as an authority on the issue of race and faith relations. Christian Post is also quite neocon and they have attacked Christians for not supporting Ukraine. Richard Land, the former head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention has long used his platform to advocate neoconservatism and globalism and has been a mouthpiece for Zelensky in Christian media.

In his latest piece for Christian Post, Land advocates a globalist cease-fire in Ukraine similar to Korea. But words have meaning, and his cease-fire proposal is predicated on lies and is an alternative to the diplomatic solutions that have been avoided by the Kiev regime (allegedly at the behest of the British and American governments.) The timing of this piece is also suspect. While Land largely blames economic woes on the war, despite the fact that the lockdowns caused this dismal economy as a pretense for the war to come to a pause (not end), Ukraine is mounting losses on the ground as Russia has completely regained the initiative. In the strategic city of Bakhmut, Ukrainian forces hold out as they are operationally encircled via fire control on the way in and out of the besieged city. Should the city be won by Russia, the tactical victory would allow Russia to straighten their front line, and it’s not clear how well fortified Ukraine’s next line of defense is. So as the momentum shifts in favor of Russia and its allies, Land’s calls for a cease fire which sound an awful lot like a Russian surrender as he fleshes out the idea.

The United Nations Secretary-General and the U.N. General Assembly have both declared the Russian invasion to be a gross violation of basic international law. Furthermore, the International Community has identified the Russian invasion as a most heinous of international taboos—“ethnic cleansing” or genocide.

From Russia’s widespread actions and behavior in Ukraine, it is now clear for all who have eyes to see that the Russians are determined to wipe Ukraine (a nation of 40 million people) and its civilization off the map. Their goal is to obliterate Ukrainian culture and extinguish their civilization. Everywhere the Russians have been successful enough to occupy Ukrainian towns and villages, they have murdered, raped, and pillaged like Cossacks and Barbarians, establishing torture chambers and brutish prison camps, leaving behind crippled lives, shattered communities, and mass graves.

Land begins by appealing to the authority of the United Nations and then articulating the baseless claims of genocide in Ukraine. These are the same unsubstantiated claims Land used to advocate his previous support for Ukraine.

Land then prefaces Ukraine as a free country fighting to defend liberty, ignoring the language laws fine people for creating content ie radio, newspapers in a language other than Ukrainian. He also conveniently ignores Ukraine’s attacks on the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and the number of Ukrainian dissidents taped to poles. Last night Tucker Carlson brought attention to Zelensky’s growing despotism with regards to religious and political opposition pointing out that Christian figures, specifically naming Lands successor Russell Moore, have still promoted Zelensky.

Here is Lands proposal, and this is as detailed is it gets:

And it must be remembered when a cease-fire is in place, things tend not to escalate as rapidly as when active combat is occurring.  And when one of the direct combatants possesses nuclear weapons (Russia), escalation dangers have the potential to “go nuclear” and no one knows how to get that genie back in the bottle successfully.

How would this work in Ukraine?  The West and the U.N. should work at all levels for a cease-fire in place followed by de-escalation with U.N. peacekeepers being interposed between the major combatants. The Russians should be assured by word and deed that America and the West will continue to supply the weaponry that will prevent the Russians from gaining a military advantage.

Whereas Ron DeSantis recently referred to this conflict as a territorial dispute, Land’s ceasefire idea makes no mention of the Minsk Accords which were the prior diplomatic solution that was a gross failure. This ceasefire on Ukriane’s preexisting civil war in the Donbass and Luhansk oblasts failed. Moreover, Land gets delusions of grandeur about democracy.

Why would Ukraine agree to this option?  Those advocating a cease-fire and de-escalation should emphasize the ultimate value – self-determination.  No concept is more sacrosanct in the modern world than self-determination.  Any region has an absolute right to determine by whom they wish to be governed.  My guess is that while the Donbas and the eastern Ukrainian provinces as well as Crimea have significant Russian populations.  The vote for reunification with Russia would be probably a ringing endorsement against Russia and for staying as part of Ukraine.

Given the Russians’ horrible behavior in these provinces, including kidnapping and sending back to Russia thousands of Ukrainian children to be adopted by Russian parents, my guess is that a critical mass of Russian-speaking Ukrainians will vote for being self-governed by Ukraine rather than Mother Russia.

Richard Land believes that the people of Donbass who have been getting shelled by the Ukrainian government for nearly nine years are going to vote to join the regime that shelled them. Moreover, there has never been any indication, even right after Russia annexed Crimea, that the Crimeans wanted to be ruled by Kiev. Elsewhere his article makes mention of displaced people, yet does he not realize that imposing referendums would create a Bleeding Kansas situation, given the nearly nine years of civil war. Land concludes stating that this is a strategy worth pursuing.

Richard Land’s pedantic delusions of grandeur are worse than that of those who thought the Afghanis would accept and fight for globohomo democracy. World War 3 is pretty much upon us as Russia faces off against the entirety of NATO in a proxy war, one that doesn’t serve American interests. And the immaturity and amorality demonstrated by Big Eva media pundits has learned little from the hawking for war with Iraq and entering the first World War.

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  1. I’m going to have to research this piece. I respect Carlson but disagree with him on rare occasions (i.e. UFOs are real). What I do know are 3 personal missionaries, 2-Baptist & 1-charismatic, who have been serving in Ukraine for nearly 10-years.
    They do admit to corruption needing to be weeded out but know nothing of GENUINE orthodox churches/followers being treated in such a manner.
    They did admit to a rare few pseudo/faux churches that leaned favorably towards Russia. They said they were shut down or heavily monitored because various items found linked them (intel) to Russian forces.
    I will check further on this for you.

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