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Big Eva Was Always Bad

Why Big Eva Was Always Bad And Why You Suddenly Noticed

In conservative media you hear the trope, “I didn’t leave the left. The left left me.” Of course we most often associate this with homosexuals or feminists who want their level of degeneracy to be the line of demarcation in a here and no further sort of way. But this mentality also exists among Christians in relation to Big Eva. Consider this tweet which gained a lot of traction.

I got good news and bad news. I regret to inform you that it is you who have changed, at least more than they. But with that said, I contend that this is a good thing. Bad news first.

Big Eva has always been bad. he mentions Russell Moore from 10 years ago (2013), a man who was rather pro-Obama and was advocating open borders policies. But there are so many other examples to choose from.

In 2008, John Piper would write against Christians owning guns, a thought he would later follow up on in 2015 when he argued he wouldn’t kill a rapist to save his wife.

In 2010, Mark Yarhouse, being commissioned by DA Carson wrote a white paper on sexuality for The Gospel Coalition for campus ministries. The same positions in the white paper from 2010 are the same positions of the Revoice Movement. In other words, The Gospel Coalition was promoting Side B theology before 8 years before the first Revoice Conference.

In 2012, Andy Stanley came out in support for homosexuality and unrepentant adultery and Big Eva hardly batted an eye. (In 2023, we forced them to confront the issue.)

In 2014, Al Mohler would apologize for denying sexual orientation. Also in 2014, Richard Land opposed Uganda’s law criminalizing homosexuality.

We can also look at the rising megachurches of the 21st century, like Lakewood Church and North Point Community Church, seeing the copying of these large churches by many players in Big Eva. Big Eva has been messed up for a long time.

You might be awake to Big Eva in present day, but you need to be red pilled on how they were always bad.

You have been sanctified by the Holy Spirit who has pricked your conscious about Big Eva figures and noticing the compromise within the church. They who serve their father, the devil, have not. And they continue to deteriorate.

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