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3 Years Of 2 Weeks To Slow The Spread

Three years ago, all of our lives were changed. Americans were told by then President Trump that we needed to make sacrifices. And so America did. At least that’s how they want us to remember it. Instead what happened was Donald Trump was played the Jar Jar Binks and handed over his presidency to Anthony Fauci. And the Sith lord pillaged the country. We were made to be prisoners in our own homes. Our churches too turned to the dark side, sucked on the government teat because they hadn’t developed a theology of sphere sovereignty.

In my interview with Joel Webbon, he credits many Christians did not have a presuppositional apologetic that assumed total depravity. People assumed that the government was telling the truth. People assumed doctors would never lie to them. People trusted The Science. People assumed Donald Trump would never take away our freedoms. As though those with authority do not sin, the people trusted them.

In hind sight, many of us see it now. But at the time, the government lie was obvious. Hard to believe a man like Glenn Beck wrote an entire book about a government plot to create an emergency to seize power, only to fall for it in real life. Even Tucker Carlson was hooked early on.

In 2022, we saw a critical mass demanding accountability from Big Eva for their participation and proliferation of lies and ultimately a heresy that Caesar not Christ is head of the church. It’s interesting how the infamous day falls after the Ides of March. But 1204 is a much better Roman analogy to describe 2020. In 1204, the rogue crusaders sacked Constantinople for which the Eastern Romans never truly recovered. I fear that 2020 was our 1204.

With the 2024 election at the forefront of American politics, we should never forget that all the economic woes we face today were because of Donald Trump’s decision on March 16, 2020.

Whether Donald Trump has learned from his mistake has yet to be seen. Whether he can is another question. He promises to be our retribution.

I wrote against lockdowns on March 16, 2020. We were a rinky dink outlet then and perhaps still are despite tremendous growth. But we need discernment in this time. It should seem easy to see right from wrong in this Romans 1 era. But like Lot we are tormented by the wicked culture around us. We need to do better.

More Christians were ready to stand against the current thing when it became Ukraine. So perhaps there’s reason for temporal optimism.

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