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Mark Driscoll Announces Partnership With The Daily Wire

Mark Driscoll has recently began a sermon series tackling heretical gospels in our culture, going after homosexuality and transgenderism in an Elijah versus the prophets of Baal sort of way, or at least that’s what his series suggests. Mark Driscoll has regained some momentum after a series of short form videos that have tackled hot button issues leading many conservative Christians wondering why are others in Big Eva saying these things. Mark and his wife Grace founded RealFaith Ministries, a family Bible-teaching ministry. They recently announced:

RealFaith is growing like crazy, and we need your help to sustain that growth so we can keep reaching millions of people with strong biblical truth. RealFaith promise to you is that we will stay in our lane and keep calling the shots and taking the shots no matter what. The biggest impact is yet to come with our most evangelistic weekend of the year, Good Friday and Easter, and with your help, we want to get the message out to 10+ million people.

God is blessing us in a huge way the last month alone:

  • Bible teaching has reached 30 million people…we are trending way UP  
  • We’re partnering with Daily Wire  
  • We have churches all over the country using Real Men sermons as their Bible study for thousands of men  
  • We partnered with XO Marriage and released a book on the Song of Songs, which is exceeding all of their projections and expectations

While it looks like Mark Driscoll has recaptured an audience that Christianity Today and several others tried to unravel, his reach could grow even wider with his announced partnership with the Daily Wire.

The Daily Wire has an uneasy relationship with Christianity. While Megan Basham and other talents are Christians, the biggest names at the Daily Wire are not with Ben Shapiro being rather hostile to Christianity. Mark Driscoll has had ins with conservative media specifically programs that reach a younger audience having done interviews with both Steven Crowder and Elijah Schaffer.

Mark Driscoll may not be the favorite pastor of discernment ministries or their audiences, but he has an opportunity to reach a large audience with the gospel, that they likely won’t get from their other creators. We should hope he doesn’t squander it.

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