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Israeli Bill Proposes To Ban Christian Evangelism: Will Christian Media Speak Out Against This?

Christian media has long been calling Christians to defend the modern nation-state of Israel, even claiming that opposing zionism is a sin. Christian Post is by far the biggest offender of the larger publications, as they cater to a more conservative audience than Christianity Today. Yet every other week they publish an article that’s tantamount to an Anti-Defamation League talking point. The ADL is a notoriously anti-Christian organization, but Christian publishers play ball nonetheless.

Earlier this week, Newsmax broke a story about a bill in the Israeli parliament that would make sharing the gospel a jailable offense. This bill was offered by members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition. While this bill is unlikely to succeed, it says a lot about the environment that it would even be submitted.

This bill is a good reminder that Israel already has a number of restrictions on religion that would run afoul of the First Amendment in the United States, in an effort to protect a Jewish identity.

Israel is a highlighted country for Voice of the Martyrs, yet Israel is rarely mention in Christian media as hostile to Christianity, and instead Christians are lectured as to why they must support a country that doesn’t share their values or national interests.

We eagerly await this bill getting more attention from Christian media sources, but we won’t hold our breath.

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49 Responses

  1. On a show on a Christain channel one of the hosts turns to the Jewish guest and says, “I’m mean, we wish we were you!” Luckily he gave her this dropped-jaw look and said, “well I don’t know about that.” It’s really bizarre how many evangelicals fawn over Israel and jews, especially Netanyahu.

  2. With the exception of a few small Christian nations scattered around the world, in Africa and elsewhere, the same can be said for pretty much every government of every country on the planet, including our own. All are trying to suppress and silence the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    At least some in Israel are honest about it. The may be cold, but the lukewarm twisting of the Gospel into something it isn’t, a false gospel where sin is good and there’s no real need for a savior or repentance, happening in nations worldwide including the United States, is far worse. And worse still are the efforts of this country and others to impose that wickedness on those few remaining Christian nations, using all manner of extortion and wicked means.

    It’s reached the point in western countries where you get put on a terrorist list just for quoting scripture, or stating a Biblical fact, because somebody else complains it hurts their feelings. And the USA is headed in the same direction.

    And it’s been headed that direction for decades as it relates to other issues, such as Creation. Daring to question their false sCiEnCe will get you targeted and blacklisted just about quicker than anything else. A ten-time convicted felon with a 4th grade education has a better chance than someone who doesn’t bow down to charles darwin.

    We shouldn’t be funding our own government either.

    1. And the “sexual revolution” and all manner of sexual immorality. If you were a virgin by age 20, you were barely considered human.

      Mankind has been fighting and rebelling against God since Adam and Eve ate the fruit and hid in the bushes. Mankind has been trying to suppress the Gospel of Jesus Christ since the order was given to murder all the first born.

      Rome tried to crush it. A few hundred years later, what happened? Jesus won. Rome lost.

      Mankind doesn’t like hearing that he is born a sinner, needs to repent and turn from sin, accept God’s means of redemption, and will face eternal damnation if he does not. It hurts his feelings. It offends. It makes him feel bad about himself. It convicts. It rebukes. And it is the Holy Spirit that does it, as Jesus set forth the job of the Comforter, to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgement.

      Powers that be don’t like it because it robs them of the supreme power, authority, and control they unjustly try to usurp. They want what belongs to God.

      The world will always fight against the true Gospel.

      And the world will always lose.

      It’s not a cabal of some unsaved Jews. It’s all of mankind. Get carried away focusing on Jew this and Jew that, and you’ll be easily blindsided by the rest of mankind, and led astray. The wicked enemy of your wicked enemy will become your wicked friend. And you, yourself, will become wicked as a result.

      If every unsaved Jew on the face of this planet were to disappear tomorrow, Satan would still be active, we’d still be facing the same opposition we’ve always faced, and we would still be targeted and persecuted more and more, as the world becomes more and more wicked, as has already been foretold. It’s going to happen, whether Jews are involved are not.

      Focusing on Jews this and Jews that is not constructive. Quit it. You’re just stirring up more snowballing trouble.

      We battle not against flesh and blood.

      1. A good dissertation that sadly might offend some readers. But, it’s correct.

    2. The Devil manipulates and uses people of all ethnic backgrounds. He uses anybody and everybody he can possibly get away with using. He doesn’t sit there and say, “oh well, that one isn’t Jewish, so I’ll leave them be”

      Quit getting caught up in that mess.

      It’s the same venn diagram stupidity as wokeism, focusing on statistical disparities which prove nothing. “Most seem to be of this ethnic background, or connected by their aunt’s second cousin’s wife’s former roommate, so the bad guys must be people of that ethnic background”

      It is antithetical to scripture to assign collective blame in such a manner. God judges us all on an individual basis.

      Every last one of the wicked evildoers, whether they have Jewish background or not, are being used of the Devil. We know what their true allegiances are, whether they do or not.

      If you know the Bible, you should know all are not that evil. The 144 thousand will be men from the tribes of Israel. Descendants of Jacob factor heavily in what is to come.

      When you implicitly refer to Jews as a collective whole, you might as well be lighting a match to those pages of God’s Word.

      And I mean all this criticism constructively, to any and all brothers and sisters who keep posting that mess.

      Quit it.

      1. Bummer, you bounced back to Israel and Jews in latter times. That is dispensationalism, a doctrine waning in #s due to it’s continual changes in their “truths”…truth doesn’t change.
        The latest denomination to withdraw it’s support being the E.V. Free Church…others are slowly following too.
        In Europe, many believers commonly call said doctrine an “American belief.” The doctrine was created in the 1830s by Darby and Schofield, rich men of questionable character…never a doctrine known or taught for the first 1,800 years.
        Remember, God’s only people now, the seed of Abraham, are no longer DNA Jews, not even Israel, it’s the saved throughout the world…every tribe, tongue, nation, color…

        1. I addressed that somewhat below. And it doesn’t surprise me that you don’t see DNA of any significance, considering you also don’t see male and female to have different duties and roles in the body of Christ, even when the Bible specifically and explicitly and clearly defines those differences and says to heed them.

          I’m not a theologian. I’m just a simple man who believes the Bible. When I read Revelation, and it says something like 144,000 men from the tribes of Israel, I take that to mean the tribes of Israel, and I have no reason to believe otherwise or to not take that scripture for what it says.

          Could it be that your rejection of the DNA aspect is somewhat influenced by your desire to see women in the pulpit?

          1. Hi Tek,
            Regarding Revelation, the Jewish people were/are “poetry-pictured” in most of their communications. They overwhelmingly spoke in “PICTURED WORDINGS”.
            When Jesus said he was the bread of life, he didn’t mean he was literally Wonder Bread.
            When he said, “This is my body…this is my blood” only the Roman Church takes it literal. We all know it rightfully as symbolic.
            When it says that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, are we really made of stone? When Jesus shouted, “You brood of snakes”, were they actually slithering snakes?
            John wrote Revelation to the Jews that spoke with much symbolic wordings.
            We can “mount up with wings of eagles” but is it literal or symbolic? I have yet to see any believers flying around.
            Does Jesus literally have a sword sticking out of his mouth? “Sword” simply means the Word of God symbolically. Yet literalists would say Jesus has a sword sticking out of his mouth.
            Most of Revelation isn’t literal, but it does LITERALLY describe horrible events quickly coming, not 2,000+ years later, for the church to be forewarned. In doing so, John used Hebrew symbolic wordings.
            If a 3rd of the stars fell to earth, the planet would no longer exist – a star is actually a very distant monster sun.
            Does the dragon have a tail long enough to swipe those stars down? Is there a dragon literally breathing fire from its mouth?
            For us today, we need to rely heavily upon scripture interpreting scripture and using sola scriptura. But, said wordings would be in such a delivered manner that the Jews could “picture it in their heads”.
            In some ways, we are symbolic too…”raining cats and dogs” or “break a leg” said between entertainers.

        2. Of most relevance to your comment here, which I addressed several comments down under the reply about replacement theology, is that you are presenting a fallacious false dilemma.

  3. Wow, Ray, you dared to point out one of the true natures of Israel. They will play to the unending tours of Christians, tourism bringing in some billion dollars annually. A friend talked to a Jewish tour guide and the guide openly admitted that tourism will play up popular Christian “doctrines” ($$$) even tho they don’t believe it themselves.
    Whether dispensationalist or not, the “watch Israel” theology is not supported by in-context scriptures, biblical languages, or early church history. It relies mainly on already fulfilled OT scriptures/prophecies.
    Tom appears to be right-on, we are commanded to put our eyes only on Jesus…not Israel. Everyone needs to be saved, the true descendants of Abraham are no longer DNA, it’s being saved ONLY thru Jesus Christ.
    Even the “Fellowship Of Christians & Jews” is laced with fraud…Christian literature is forbidden in the food packages…but donors don’t know that.

    1. Stan, that replacement theology has been debunked more times than I can count. The idea that the only other possibility is the notion that Jews get a free pass and don’t need to be saved, is a false dichotomy.

      It is far more inline with scripture, particularly prophecy, to simply say yes the ancestry is still significant, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to accept the Lord’s means of redemption through Jesus Christ.

      There is no reason not to take such scriptures, as the prophecy of the 144 thousand mentioned above, literally. At no place, and no time does the Bible every refer to Israel or Jews as anything but descendants of Jacob. The NT clearly draws distinction between Jew and Gentile, yet not according to whom the Gospel applies, and not according to whom needs to accept Jesus as Savior, Lord and Master, but according to ancestry, often times even saying “Jew and Greek” instead of “Jew and Gentile” – both meaning the same thing.

        1. Ray, I appreciate you brother, and agree with you most all of the time. You are usually spot-on.

          If I might counter that with another question:

          When you use the word Jews, to whom are you referring? Real ones or fake ones?

          1. That’s my point who are the real descendants of Jacob, because it’s not the modern nation-state of Israel. There’s ample history discrediting their lineage. However out of rocks, christ can make sons of Abraham.

          2. That’s a fair question. And it’s one only God knows the answer to.

            I don’t know all there is to know about the subject, nor do I believe it’s anything we should be focusing on. Maybe they are descendants. Maybe they aren’t. That’s not something we should be concerning ourselves with, or focusing on, which is more or less what I’m trying to say here. God is going to choose those 144,000. Not us.

            The aid to the government of Israel is not because they’re Jewish or because our government believes they’re God’s chosen people. I don’t know all the reasons, but I know it’s always strategic. Our government hands out tax dollars all over the planet, for all sorts of strategic reasons. Most often some extortion is involved, as I alluded to with the Christian nations in Africa, which both parties in this country are trying to extort. It would not surprise me in the least if the US Government is doing the same to Israel. It could very well be that they are pushing abortion, abominable sin, etc. agendas because “we” are pushing them to do it. And it wouldn’t surprise me if part of those efforts included silencing and suppressing the Gospel, because the Gospel of Jesus Christ stands in the way of the agenda of governments all over the world, including our own.

            Bureaucracies and intel agencies in this country are not controlled by Christians, and that’s putting it lightly. They’re not even controlled by elected representatives, to any significant degree. And most, if they could get away with suppressing the Gospel here, they would. Who’s to say they aren’t trying to do so worldwide. Here that pesky 1st Amendment stands in their way.

          3. Disagree. Aid to Israel is because they are Jewish. Dual citizenship exists for Israel, also because they’re Jewish.

          4. The real Jews are now the saved people of the world, no “get out of jail free card”.

          5. I guess you’d have to interview all the congressmen who vote for it, off the record in a sciff, in order to find out why they truly did so. But you can pretty much just about bet the farm any dollar our government spends (wastes), foreign or domestic, has a significant degree of strategic reasons, with strings attached.

            Often times that aid is in the form of sales, loans, etc. And it’s a drop in the bucket compared to total aid and spending.

            So if you focus on it too much, you come across the wrong way.

            Even here, you have basically implied that you oppose the aid because they’re Jewish. If the aid is because they’re Jewish. And you oppose it. 2+2 … that tells others something about you, and sends a message which I know you don’t intend to send.

        2. I’m thinking of some articles a while back. Not just this one, where you addressed the government of Israel.

          I see the younger generation focusing way too much on Jew this and Jew that. It reaches the point where if you didn’t know any better, you’d think their idea of what it means to be a Christian is to fight the Jews. Way too carried away.

          1. No, it’s NOT to fight the Jews, it’s to proclaim [in love] a false teachings verses what the NT clearly says.
            No longer is it Jewish DNA, that’s dispensationalism, ergo, I pray for all the world to be saved, not Jews or Israel in particular. All need Jesus’ salvation.
            Now, more dispensationalist are believing God only requires the OT to be followed by Jews, Jesus is not needed because they are “special”.

          2. Stan, you can peddle the false dichotomy you’re peddling here from now to the end of days, you’re not going to sway me.

            The Bible says they don’t get a free pass.
            The Bible also says the ancestry is significant.

            God’s Word does not conflict itself. You’re going to have to figure it out.

          3. I have never “implied” ignoring Israel because they are Jews. The word “implied” is used deceitfully by you…I don’t imply, I just speak.
            I support Israel because they are the only democracy in the Middle East, surrounded by Arab nations that war against them. As an American ally, I support them. But, the nation is deeply anti-Christian.

          4. Stan, that response above, which begins “I guess you’d have to interview …” was to Ray.

            When I use the word “imply” I’m talking about a logical implication.

            And nothing I say is meant to be combative or argumentative or mean spirited. It’s just pointing out what someone else might not be noticing.

    2. Stan, if I misunderstood what you wrote, please forgive me. As it could’ve meant that under Jesus, there is neither Jew nor Greek. That’s correct, we are all of equal value to the Lord, under Him and so on, but it doesn’t mean the ancestry isn’t of significance.

      1. Of course, that hearkens back to our previous debate. The same scripture says there is neither male nor female. It doesn’t mean male and female are no longer distinct, or that DNA doesn’t matter, or that male and female are no longer different with different purposes, according to God’s created design. It means we are of equal value under Him, all being important parts of the body of Christ. We have have different jobs and be different parts of the body, but none are of greater value or use to Him than another, simply because of DNA.

        In the same manner, that scripture is not saying that the lineage and ancestry of Jacob is not of significance.

      2. Hey there, Tek,
        Some of the epistles OPENLY declare that the true people of God are not DNA Jews, it’s the believers in Christ. Jews are no longer a “heads up” on others.
        Of course people like the prophecy “expert” John Hagee has pronounced that Jews don’t need Jesus to be saved, they only need the OT law. And during the 1,000-years, Jesus will reinstate, and personally conduct, animal sacrifices…that is heresy…animal blood is done, it’s only the blood of Jesus. Even “Got Questions,com” openly proclaims Jesus personally doing animal sacrifices for 1,000-years and Jews still being “special”.
        The so-called “Replacement Theology” degradation is rooted in the Jews still being God’s special people whereas the NT clearly denies that, no one group is still special, just the Body of Christ.

        1. Stan, you’re going to have to get past that false dichotomy. If you want to debate, you’re going to have to move past it. There’s no point in spending all day pointing out the same false dichotomy over and over.

          1. Howdy Tek,
            I noticed that you have not responded to John Hagee’s “they don’t need Jesus…just follow the OT” comment. Do you believe that too?
            Also, that JESUS will personally perform animal sacrifices for 1,000-years…where is that clearly in the bible when animal blood is now repugnant to God? It’s only the blood of Jesus for our washing away of our sins.
            Here are but 3 Galatians verses about the seed of Abraham:
            Gal 3:7 “The REAL children of Abraham, then, are those who put their faith in God.”
            Gal 3:16 “God gave the promise to Abraham and his seed. And notice that the scripture doesn’t say ‘TO HIS CHILDREN’ as if it meant many descendants. Rather, it says ‘to his child’ and that is Jesus Christ.”
            Gal 3:29 “Now that you belong to Christ, you are the TRUE seed of Abraham. You are his heirs, and God’s promise to Abraham belongs to you.”
            Please respond to all of them, Bro.
            Here is another easy question, what did John mean in Revelation 1 that all would “soon” come to pass. Does that [“soon”] really mean over 2,000-years? The Greek translation for “soon” has it’s root word being taxus – “swift”. The main body attached to it means “quickly, speedily, a brief space of time, in haste, suddenly”. Where is it mentioned that “soon” means 2,000+ years?
            Just curious, Tek.

          2. Stan I’ve mentioned several times that Jews must be saved just like everybody else, and that nobody gets a free pass.

            You’re not reading.

            As I said, I’m no theologian. And whatever the correct interpretation of those scriptures in Galatians 3 may be, it must be one that doesn’t conflict with any other scripture. I have not studied that passage, but just going by the language, again the verses could be read different ways, perhaps as joined into the promise as another heir rather than usurping the promise becoming the new heirs. And it is also worth noting that Abraham’s promise had nothing to do with eternal life. God didn’t promise Abraham that all his seed would go to Heaven. Abraham’s promise is not what Jesus died for. So I’d have to give it a lot of thought and study in order to answer your questions on that passage. Right now, I don’t know. .

            As far as the use of tachos in Rev 1 is concerned, maybe you’ve answered your own question by listing the common meanings.

            “which must hastily take place”
            “which must quickly take place”
            “which must speedily take place”

            Perhaps it means that what is going to happen will happen quickly. Seven years is a very short amount of time.

        2. I don’t know why I’m even debating this with someone who basically ripped out the pages and lit a match to numerous very specific, plainly clear scriptures outlining the purpose, roles, and responsibilities of men and women, and replaced it with an extremely loose interpretation of a verse about Junia, in a manner befitting playground language games. “known among the apostles” can just as easily be read “known to the Apostles” as it can “known as one of the Apostles.” Yet in context with the rest of scripture, it obviously means “known to the Apostles.” One interpretation conflicts with many other scriptures. The other doesn’t conflict with any at all. So which interpretation is likely correct?

          This is Bible interpretation 101, which even a plain simple man such as myself can easily understand.

          1) The Bible does not conflict itself.

          2) Therefore, if your interpretation of a scripture is in conflict with any other scripture, then your interpretation is wrong.

          Seems fairly simple enough to me.

          1. Please, don’t start again with your insults and the rant of “it’s in the bible”. The JWs, Mormons, Pentecostals, Baptist, Wesleyans, Church of the Nazarene, Church of God, Church of Christ, 7th Day Adventist, Church of God in Christ, Roman Catholics, etc. say that too, not taking into account the meanings of Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, culture, superstitions, and biblical history?
            Why/how will 400,000 men, on HORSEBACK no less, wag war against Israel in the 21st century? Wouldn’t they use missiles, weaponized satellites, tanks, fighter jets, bombs, and nuclear weapons? Why take nearly 2-months to trek over mountains using but horses, not swift troop carriers?
            Sadly, you seem to always fall back on insults, maligning, and “butwhatabout-ism”. I asked some clear/plain questions that you have NOT answered. “Frog leaping” isn’t a method of Sola Scriptura. Insults don’t take the place of reasoning, Tek.

          2. I’m not sure what you’re trying to argue here Stan. Some prophetic scripture is figurative, therefore no scripture should be taken literally?

            That’s quite a leap.

            Frankly, I’m not sure the prophetic scripture you mention is figurative. Horses are used by militaries to this day. We used them ourselves in Afghanistan. On certain terrains, and in certain conditions,horses will still beat any vehicle made by mankind all day long every day of the week, and it’s not even close. You can go places with a horse you could never go with any vehicle of any sort. That scripture is likely figurative, as in context most prophetic scripture is, but even if it weren’t, it wouldn’t shocking to see horses extensively used in a “modern” war in rugged mountainous terrain.

            But this is another rule of interpretation. If there’s no reason not to take it literally, then it should be taken literally. If it says men, this and women, that then there is no reason to conclude it’s talking about any other persons places or things that “men” and “women”. If it says “women should not teach men” on what basis do you conclude that should be taken figuratively, and what could the figurative meaning possibly be? What would the words “women” and “men” represent, in your opinion?

          3. I cannot think of any such figurative writing in any of the epistles at all. You’re basically trying to claim that God plopped one or two figurative verses into the middle of long passages, and even entire books, that are clearly and obviously meant to be taken literally.

            Reading along, yep that’s literal, yep that’s literal, yep that’s literal, then all the sudden wait this mentions different roles for men and women it must not be literal, then onto the next verse, yep that’s literal, literal, literal, literal, literal, and next, and next, and next.

            Nah. Stan those scriptures are meant to be taken literally. They’re not plopped into the middle of Revelation or poems or prophetic writings. They’re in the middle of long passages and books that are meant literally.

            The epistles are clear, plain, literal instructions given to the church by the Apostles. That’s what they are. They are not figurative writings in any way whatsoever.

          4. It can, at times, be painful to learn something that shows one can [not is] be wrong. I was a die-hard dispensationalist for some 30-YEARS. Someone challenged me to see if I was right. Lucky (?) for me, I just finished a full year of NT Greek in seminary.
            So, I took the challenge, certain that my dispensational theology was correct. After a few years I finally realized that I was conned into a created doctrine that never existed for 1,800-years.
            So, I know and realize your possible confusion, even the attempts to twist God’s Word to suit your belief system…I’ve been there so I’m not angry at you.
            Still, you have NOT addressed any of my questions…silence is often an admittance of, well, being…. The questions are quite simple, Tek. They stimulate the brain. I’m looking forward to all of your answers.

          5. Stan, I do not understand how or why saying that the lineage of Jacob is still of important significance is the same as saying that Jews get a free pass and don’t need Jesus.

            It makes no sense to me.

  4. Your post of 17:50 shows any ideas that stretch your brain are a perceived threat. Let’s move on to newer topics…not about women & men…that is so overplayed by you, I have agreed to disagree with you.
    Tek, please ponder what was written in Act 17:11…”Now the Bereans were more noble than most, they searched the scriptures daily to see if what Paul taught was true.” I’m only wishing you would “search” too.

    1. I did not become an accomplished software engineer by reluctance to stretch my brain, or through fear of being wrong.

      The epistles are literal books of instruction to the church.

      “Therefore, beloved, since you are waiting for these, be diligent to be found by him without spot or blemish, and at peace. And count the patience of our Lord as salvation, just as our beloved brother Paul also wrote to you according to the wisdom given him, as he does in all his letters when he speaks in them of these matters. There are some things in them that are hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other Scriptures.” – 2 Peter 3:14-16

      Should I also “search” to see if what Peter taught was true? How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? If Peter read Paul’s letters, knew the contents, and approved of what was written, should we get rid of him also? Or do you consider those 3 verses to be some sort of figurative prophetic scripture plopped down into the middle of an entire book that is otherwise literal?

      1. Take out Paul, you’ve got to take out Peter. Take out Peter, you’ve got to take out Jesus.

        Just like that, you’ve thrown the entire Bible into the bonfire.

        I’m not saying that’s you, Stan. I don’t know.

    2. Hard to ignore the irony here, though. You want me to question Paul, but you’re certain women should lead the church because of a verse about Junia, which is in the letter to the Romans, which was written by … ahem … Paul

      1. It’s almost like they were searching to make sure that the teachings and interpretations didn’t conflict with any other scripture, in order to ensure the interpretations where correct.

        Seems like I remember that mentioned here a while ago.

    3. If Paul had been a false prophet, saying things like “It’s ok to steal” or “sexual immorality is not a sin” or “it’s ok to bear false witness” and so on, what do you think the Berean’s response would’ve been?

      Their response would’ve been “He’s a false teacher, because what he says goes against what the Bible literally says”

      It wouldn’t have been something like, “well, that was customary back in Isaiah’s day, so it doesn’t apply anymore”

      The Apostles wouldn’t have responded by saying “hey, quit saying ‘the Bible says'” or “meh, thou shalt not bear false witness is just figurative” or implied “the prophecies of Daniel are not literal, so neither is thou shalt not kill”

      I’ve been searching the scripture to determine the truthfulness of what is said, including what I have said myself, with every post I’ve made here.

      Perhaps you need to ponder that scripture yourself.

      1. Tek, it is tragic and disgusting how you take my saying 1+1=2 and rant that I said 9. You somehow find a way to go off the reservation, and that is sad. Yet, other times your posts are well-designed and logical. Your constant flip-flopping makes me wonder if you have mental issues…some good logic & excessive insane views about what I have posted.
        Such a back and forth isn’t normal, it’s a mental problem and that concerns me because I CARE about you. Yes, believe it or not, I care very much about you as anyone should.
        You continually drop back on your previous secular calling…this shows a deep insecurity. I won’t put my degrees up against yours, it would be childish. Nor will I boast/brag of my service to the Lord…childish again.
        And, you can’t drop the “women keep silent” issue even tho I have buried it and moved on. All of this puts you in limbo regarding a clear state of mind.
        You speak all too often in harsh terms showing a lack of genuine love…you need several posts to finish your ranting points that are mostly without basic logic.
        I cannot reason with you, Tek, because you can’t seem to reason or understand my posts, totally missing my points. With regret, these topics are closed. Tek, move on to another topic so we can start fresh.

        1. You sure do post a lot of ad-hominem for someone who claims to be logical.

          I told you Stan. Those tactics don’t work. You cannot intimidate me.

      2. I don’t understand your reasonings, Tek. It seems easier to follow the flight of a fly.
        Logic is a constant straight line. If I say 1+1=2 your response is that I said 5 or 9. No matter how I try to show you that you “missed” my intentions, you still answer 5 or 9.

        1. Any specific example of this, Stan? You give a specific example, and I will either correct myself, or explain the reasoning, whichever applies.

          This thread will stay open as long as Ray wants to keep it open. Respond any time. I’ll check back.

        2. If you respond, kindly dispense with the insults, personal attacks, amateur psychology, and other mess. It’s uncalled for. I have not done that to you. And it is not the way someone who claims to be a Pastor should be behaving.

  5. Hi Ray,
    I recently sent a post this morning…it never made your site. Can this be a sorta common problem or did I somehow “cross a line” and it was censored.
    Also, since you didn’t reply to my Ukrainian missionaries response to your article of atrocities committed by the Ukrainian government, I guess their response is unimportant.
    These 2 missionaries – SBC – expressed surprise at the reported “crimes”. They both are fluent in Russian and have only heard/read/experienced 2 things: there is corruption that needs a cleansing but the people are strongly anti-Russian. The other being that the non-orthodox churches are not facing any such harassment.
    The issue lies with the Russian Orthodox Church and its satellite churches in Ukraine, they are pro-Russian and some of the churches were involved in intel with the invaders so they were shut down or are monitored.
    Both have heard nothing about Ukraine’s government taping people to poles, only shutting down some, but not all, orthodox churches to stop the pro-Russian invaders involvements. Some, but certainly not all, orthodox priests have contact with the former KGB.
    Please let me know if my post was lost in cyber space or censored.

    1. Hey Stan. No censorship here. Since you have already been approved for comment (first timers are held in moderation). I checked pending, spam, and trash, and it wasn’t there. After finishing up for the night, I don’t get on the site until at least the afternoon the next day. No one has reported this as a problem before. I am currently tweaking some things on the site, but nothing related to comment sections.
      For email reference.

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