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Uganda forever

Uganda Forever: Law Banning Homosexual, Transvestite Identity Passes. Is This Christian Nationalism?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is a fictional place called Wakanda that has a magic plant that grants superpowers, and a magic space metal that combines all the properties of uranium, silicon, and adamantium. But in the real world we have a country called Uganda that is leading the way in combating sexual degeneracy. Uganda is a majority Christian nation in east Africa, and they recently passed a law banning identifying as a homosexual, transvestite, or other category that does not align with biological gender. The bill was passed by a unified government to a rousing applause and singing.

Unsurprisingly, liberal media was seething at this. BBC  and CNN were both available for coverage. CNN’s news correspondent in Africa explained that the law even created a crime called “aggravated homosexuality” which created a capital punishment for raping or molesting a child or someone with special needs. This is equivocal to 2nd degree rape in the United States. CNN lamented this detail.

The Bible talks about how the government’s role in Romans 13 is to punish evil and reward good. The Uganda governing policy aims to do the latter, attempting to align itself with Leviticus 20.

Christian Nationalism is the belief and practice of Christianizing a nation, either establishing or restoring a Christian heritage to a people, through the spreading of the gospel, establishing of institutions, and aligning civil laws with the Law of God.

The Christians in Uganda are doing just that. Whereas Big Eva has been largely critical of Ugandan laws, we must not be ashamed of what the Bible says or prescribes. The west should have never let it get to this point, and one of the goals of Christian Nationalism in the United States is to reverse the course of the gay agenda here, starting with criminalizing drag queen story hour, protecting women’s sports, and banning child gender mutilation.

Ugandan Christians are in a strong position to prevent our culture’s degeneracy from terraforming their nation, and we should be thankful that they are shifting the Overton Window globally. So to that I say Uganda Forever

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3 Responses

  1. A “slight” miscalculation the part of the wokists and powers that be. It’s not quite as easy to guilt Ugandans into believing opposition to sexual immorality is akin to racism.

    The same who scream against “Eeeevviiiil Christian Nationalism” will turn right around and claim the USA was never a Christian nation, even when we had the same sorts of laws in place, and so-called “gay marriage” was rightfully illegal. Apparently back in 2013 we were an “Eeeevviiiil Christian Nation.” Way back a whole ten years ago, when it was ok to turn down work that conflicted with God’s standards, and would’ve conveyed a message we shouldn’t convey, we were apparently an “Eeeevviiiil Christian Nation.” Way back five minutes ago, when it was acceptable to not speak their abominable “pronouns” we were apparently an “Eeeevviiiil Christian Nation”

    Fact is, they themselves are Anti-Christian Nationalists. Satanic Nationalists. They can’t stand the fact that Christians exist in this country, and that we should be allowed to live accordingly.

    Uganda Forever !

    1. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has been known throughout Africa for thousands of years, at least since the time of Joseph. The Gospel message and texts spread throughout Africa two thousand years ago.

      Kinda hard to convince them the Gospel of Jesus Christ is some sort of made-up tool of white supremacy, when they’re standing there looking at a Christian church across the way that was built two millennia ago.

      They’re not stupid. They know what’s up.

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