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Bolshevik Beth Moore

Beth Moore Goes Full Robin DiAngelo, Calling White Men Racist

A recently surface video from the “Racism In The White Church” conference shows Beth Moore going full Robin DiAngelo trying to convince white people how racist they are. Woke Preacher Clips unveiled a video in which Beth Moore describes a white friend of hers who wants to be an ally, who swears he’s not a racist.

According to Beth Moore, this friend of his cannot see for the life of him that he is the racist. After saying we cannot read another human’s heart, she then says we hear their words and points to microagressions in speech and behavior.

“Their idea of a really well read black person is one who shares their values, uses their speech, and dresses in similar styles to them. In other words white in virtually every way except skin color.”

According to Beth Moore telling black Americans that they are not as oppressed as their ancestors is “like saying to a wife that her husband’s porn addiction is an improvement over his physical adultery, so you have nothing to complain about anymore.”

This is followed up with a virtue signal about George Floyd.

Beth Moore is a false teacher, in part, because of her embrace of Cultural Marxism which was on full display here.

H/T Woke Preacher Clips

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One Response

  1. Never knew I was supposed to be judging others based on whether or not I think they’re “well read”

    Nor was I aware that certain values belong to whites only. I wonder exactly what values she’s referring to.

    Of course, I readily admit, like any other person ever to have walked the face of this planet (including Jesus), I do tend to agree with people who say things that I tend to agree with.

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