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Dennis Prager and Jordan Peterson Defend Lust, Pornography

As a nonbeliever, according to his daughter who also lacks a credible profession of faith, Jordan Peterson has made a lot of money with his teachings on the Bible. His Genesis content is some of his most viewed content, and he has followed it up with Exodus. Peterson has recently released a clip of a panel discussion on the issue of lust, pornography, and adultery.

In the video, Dennis Prager, founder of PragerU, immediately establishes modern day Judaism as a behavioral religion that is not concerned with issues of the heart. Therefore, according to Dennis Prager, lust is not a sin. This, of course, contradicts the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament.

Jordan Peterson dawning a Harvey Dent Two-Face jacket with an also ominous 6.66 million subs on YouTube asks him about pornography.

Prager answers by stating that he’s discussed this multiple times on his show. He argues its a case by case basis as to whether pornography is wrong in marriage because it needs to first be established whether porn use is auxiliary or substitutionary. Prager would go on to say that if a wife is unable to perform it is fine for a husband to seek pornography.

Jordan Peterson’s response to this is clinical. He articulates a view, not necessarily his own position which remains aloof, that porn is a problem if it starts to impact other relationships, in the ton of a clinical psychiatrist.

Then some Eastern Orthodox representative downplays the issue of morality and argues that Christ came so we wouldn’t be enslaved to our desires, but rather be free. His whole approach to Christianity was about being the master of your domain which failed to capture the seriousness of our need for the gospel. I mention this to point out that there was no strong Christian presence on this panel. It’s a circus of men agreeing that (Talmudic) Judaism and Christianity are different and arguing over what coveting your neighbors wife means.

They fail to realize that the Old Testament does not teach a works based salvation, that the 613 laws are not exhaustive in terms of God’s moral standard, and that God judges the heart.

The clown panel that Two-Face Jordan Peterson has concludes the clip with a discussion on psychopathy after a speculation of what beliefs drive the behavior of self-identified Jews.

Dennis Prager and Jordan Peterson, who built a male audience, should be more culturally aware of how sin impacts marriage, masculinity, and femininity on a societal level. But instead they justify sin, perhaps because they are coomers themselves. In any case, neither of these two men are positive influences, representing counterfeits to sound Biblical teaching.

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