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Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley’s Gay Church Sales Pitch

Andy Stanley has come under fire for his views on homosexuality that have been on record for over a decade. Nonetheless, discernment bloggers have forced the issue into the mainstream, and in this past weekend’s sermon, Andy Stanley publicly supported the homosexual agenda, calling it the result of the long shadow of Jesus’ ministry. The whole context for the sermon is a glorified sales pitch for the church, not based on the merits of Christ, but on the merits of a social club of self help.

Andy Stanley lays out his “elevator pitch” for Christianity which can be summed up as helping him become a better person.

Okay, but I needed, like, the elevator pitch. Like, what’s the short message? Why am I a Jesus follower? And that’s when I came up with this language. Because, honestly, it’s not because of some theological insight.

It’s not because one day I’m reading through the whole Bible and boom. The reason I’m a Jesus follower is, honestly, because following Jesus has made my life better, and it’s made me better at life. So of course I love the church. 

This is comparable to Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life Now in it’s self-centered mentality. But deeper into the sermon, Andy Stanley paints the church as a moral backbone of this country arguing that people who attack the church do so because the church fails to live up to the gospel. We know that biblically the world hates the church because it first hated Christ. Andy Stanley teaches that the world loves Christ but hates the church for not living up to the moral values of Christ’s teachings. 

Andy Stanley celebrate woman’s rights, gay rights, and animal rights as logical conclusions of the church’s influence in society.

Last week we reported how Uganda is banning identifying as a homosexual category. This was the natural outcome of a vibrant church. This was Christian Nationalism. But to Andy Stanley the opposite is true, as he teaches that Jesus was the first gay rights activist.

The sermon concludes with a closing pitch to tithe to his church, similar to how it began. It’s like watching a time share presentation.

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  1. Thanks for this, it seems like A,S. has become emblematic for what is wrong with the Church. I am praying for his downfall along with Keller, Ed Stetzer, Matt Chandler and others. By way of agreement to your analysis: I “love” my cats, even hope for their long lives but they don’t have rights, I “love” trees, even more so when hiking through a national park, I hope trees will not burn and so on, but the trees have no rights. Women who are married influence their husbands and when they owned property had then influence through voting (already effectively had “the vote”). Your point on the liberal woman’s negative effect on greater society and ruin also of single men has great merit (voting aside, what I am told is going on on the “O. Fans” website for example). That the Romans outlaw Homosexuality once Christianity has sufficient influence is telling and I had somehow never known of this before. The CCP (with Lin Biao’s ideas) has actively been pushing this promiscuity in our society, through colleges, first in Britain, for decades, it is the styled destruction of their own society Mao used to regain control for his last decade. 91 Colleges sending home their students on the same day was the first “flash bang grenade” of significance in the fake Pandemic closures. Your critique is guiding my prayers and giving me material to share on campus. Thanks again.

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