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Carl Lentz

Disgraced Carl Lentz To Work For Mike Todd’s Transformation Church

The disgraced Carl Lentz has reportedly announced his comeback. After getting fired from Hillsong NYC for his adultery scandal, he reportedly has moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to work for Mike Todd’s Transformation Church.

Mike Todd is perhaps the most viral pastor on the internet for his crazy theatrics and bad theology. It’s is unclear whether Carl Lentz will be a pastor there or serve in some other executive or consultant role for the ultra rich church. But it does appear that Lentz will play a role in the church’s strategy.

RNS broke the story:

“We gladly welcome Carl Lentz to our Transformation Church staff, helping TC with strategy as we continue to move forward in our vast vision,” Tammy McQuarters, the church’s executive pastor of operations, told Religion News Service in an email Monday (March 27).

A source close to Lentz also confirmed to RNS that Lentz and his family had relocated to Tulsa and were attending Transformation Church, though the source did not confirm Lentz was on staff at the church. Lentz, according to the source, has launched a consulting and coaching business and his clients include churches.

Carl Lentz is the quintessential skinny jean wearing pastor and all that the stereotype entails. He will fit in with the performative Mike Todd and the crossdressing Charles Metcalf. 

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