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Judah and Chelsea Smith

Judah Smith’s Churchome Sued For Requiring Employees To Tithe

Judah Smith and his wife Chelsea, run Churchome, a Hillsong-like church in Washington that attracted various celebrities. Churchome isn’t known for it’s strong doctrine. Last summer, Chelsea Smith went viral for supporting abortion. But evidently, there is one doctrine that Judah Smith vigorously adheres to and that’s Old Testament tithing. A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of around 200 current and former employees of Churchome for damages resulting from compulsory giving.

According to the lawsuit, during a meeting when the church locked down their doors, Judah Smith continued to insist on tithing.

“Defendant Judah Smith reminded all employees of Defendants’ policy that the employees were required to tithe ten percent of their paychecks back to Churchome, warning that former employees had been fired because they had failed to meet this company requirement.”

The culture of Churchome took tithing so seriously that Rachel Kellogg, the lead plaintiff was informed that content director Joe Goods sold his home in order to comply.

The question in this lawsuit will be whether these working practices are protected under the First Amendment and therefore can fire at will employees who do not adhere to it’s religious beliefs.

Shady Church

Churchome is a celebrity minded church where stardom can land you on it’s board of directors regardless of 1 Timothy 3 qualifications. Heaven tourism filmmaker, DeVon Franklin and Denver Broncos quarterback, Russell Wilson are on the board.

Churchome needed all the money it could get while it took in PPP Loans from the government for shutting down. Additionally, Churchome also participated in Hillsong’s honorarium scheme.

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  1. Tithing, like dispensationalism, survives on OT scriptures and misused NT ones. I was one of the followers of both for decades.
    Very few know that the title in the OT was nearly 23%, not 10.
    But, that doesn’t give anyone an “out” for a dollar in the plate. I set aside a portion of what GOD has given me and joyfully give without 10% being the “cutoff” line. And, I do it with joy!

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