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Discussing the Global Anglican Church’s Battle Over Homosexuality

The Anglican Church is one of the most influential protestant denominations, and it too is embattled by many of the same issues as Evangelicalism, such as homosexuality and feminism. On February 9th, the Church of England, the figurative head of the Anglican Church announced that it would bless homosexual relationships. What happened afterwards was perhaps the most significant event in Anglican history.

The Other Paul joined the Evangelical Dark Web again, as an Anglican himself. As a recent and enthused convert to Anglicanism, I ask him what makes Anglicanism unique from other protestant traditions, and he describes the Anglican Church as a big tent that firmly grasped necessary core teachings. It’s liturgical and synodical ecclesiology make it distinct.

American history somewhat begins with spiritual warfare over the Church of England. However, the Anglican Church has grown so vast and global that the Church of England is a mere figurehead compared to what it once was. So when they announced a support for homosexuality, the Global South and Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCon) cut ties with the Church of England. The significance that this has for the Anglican Church cannot be overstated.

Similarly in Australia, The Other Paul describes how the Anglican diocese split on this issue. The result of Australia’s split was the creation of the Diocese of the Southern Cross, a new Anglican diocese in Australia unaffiliated with the Anglican Church of Australia. It is to be led by a former Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies. They became a haven for churches under the apostate leadership of local bishops. Paul details their devastating effectiveness in wrecking the apostate churches and provided a legitimate leadership for churches that wasn’t to be faithful.

The Global Anglican Church faces the same battles as the rest of us in Christianity, but they too have some fight in them, and it’s encouraging to hear.

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  1. I’m sorry to say this but sometimes the truth “ouches” a bit…the Anglican Church is a 1st cousin version of the Catholic Church.
    The elevated priests walk about with “cone head” hats, wear silly dresses with expensive “look at me” robes, carry lofty titles, and when addressed, they are called “Father” when Jesus condemned such hierarchy titles in the Body of Christ. They have a form of godliness (splendid pomp and pageantry) but deny the power of God’s clearly written Word.
    Being a Church founded by the English government, it’s no wonder that it liberalized with time.

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