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Christian Post Writer Dragged For Supporting Uganda’s Anti-Sodomy Law

Evangelical Dark Web has been fascinated with the duplicitous nature of Christian Post who will attempt to appeal to liberals and Christians. Last week we reported on how they brought on David Anderson as an op-ed writer. Anderson affirms homosexuality. Yet, Christian Post also has Michael Brown, a hyper-charismatic apologist who’s quite based on this issue. Yet with the history of Richard Land, it was quite surprising that a Christian Post writer would support Uganda’s anti-homosexuality and transgenderism law on that platform.

Oscar Amaechina wrote an article not only doing so, but stating that his mind was changed. In the aptly named article, How the Ugandan anti-LGBTQ law made me change my mind, he does just that.

The passing of an anti-LGBTQ bill by Uganda’s parliament is one thing that has made me shift ground on my conviction about politics. Before, I believed Christians should leave the politics of this world because it is of the devil and nothing good can come of it. I have seen Christians who stepped into the political realm and lost their stand with Christ. Because of this, most of my articles have suggested that legislation is not needed to bring any meaningful change in society.

However, as things keep progressing, it seems like there are far too many people who do not want God in their lives, regardless of how often they’re presented with the Gospel. Those who are so hardened to the Gospel, and who pursue wickedness, need legislation to check their destructive tendencies and protect the innocent from their harmful behaviors.

Interestingly enough, Amaechina seemed to have Anabaptist or R2K leanings, until he saw the fruit of that theology.

The few who have decided to be agents of Satan are becoming very popular and domineering in our societies these days. Uganda members of parliament have decided to declare war against the evil manipulations of the devil. I finally realized the advantage of having political power. Many of us in other African countries, apart from Uganda, have been pleased with what the Ugandan parliament did.

This legislation is not just about this present world but eternity. It is wrong to leave those who do not know what they are doing to be condemned to eternal fire simply because we are pretending that everyone has the right to live the way they want. Our children need protection from moral decay and sexual perverts. Our societies need laws that promote peace, joy, and righteousness. Our duty as Christians is to love the sinners and work hard to bring them out of darkness into the marvelous light of Christ. To be sure, part of bringing them out of darkness and into the light means the long-term work of pastoral care, ministering with compassion to people who struggle with sexual sin of every kind, including homosexuality and transgenderism.

Ironically, this is hardly the strongest case that could be made, as the Bible in Leviticus 20 and Romans 1 prescribes homosexuality as an earthly crime. Therefore it is righteous to follow suit. Amaechina’s argument is made on more pragmatic grounds.

More interesting than the arguments being made by Amaechina were the comments in response to his article. Garnering over 200, overwhelming majority of them were opposing the law, many from “Christian” perspectives.

This provides some level of insight into Christian Post. It’s a heavily Zionist and neocon publication, but it’s audience might in fact be to the left of them, something they have actively catered to in the past.

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2 Responses

  1. I posted at CP for a short while. You can just about count the number of genuine Bible-believing Christian posters on one hand. The rest are nothing but activists, atheists, trolls, troublemakers, revilers, and wolves, who neither know nor care what the Bible has to say about anything.

    Christians should stand and advocate for law that is consistent with God’s Word. Christians should not advocate for any law that is contrary to, or in defiance of, God’s Word. We cannot serve two masters. It’s that simple.

  2. Speaking of Michael Brown, it’s funny how liberal websites like RationalWiki only criticize him for having anti-LGBT+ views.

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