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G3 vs Christian Nationalism

G3 Ministries is one of the most influential conferences among conservative Evangelicals. Founded in 2013, Josh Buice wanted an alternative to many of the church growth (by any means) conferences that dominate Evangelicalism. G3 stands for Gospel, Grace, and Glory, and the organization puts on conferences and workshops throughout the year. It’s organizational leaders including Josh Buice, its founder, and Scott Aniol, G3’s EIC, have come out fast and loose against Christian Nationalism.

For all of G3 bona fide credentials on matters of Scripture, G3 has never been all that solid on matters of public theology. G3 was collectively nowhere to be found three years ago when the government was locking down churches, other than policing how churches conducted online. This changed around the time when John MacArthur stood up to the government. So their collective crackdown on Christian Nationalism seems oddly reminiscent.ย 

The strawmanning continues:

It’s worth noting the ridiculous irony of people in John MacArthur’s camp insinuating that other Evangelicals want to erect an Evangelical pope. This also conflates Christian Nationalism with integralism which is a predominantly Roman Catholic system. It also appears to be a trad Cath objection to Christian Nationalism that it’s not integralist, ie nations submitting to a Pope. Scott Aniol would chime in by stating that the pilgrims signing the Mayflower Compact was unbiblical and compare Christian Nationalism to the YRR movement of over a decade ago.

Christian Nationalism is largely the rebranding of what Christians have long practiced throughout history, applying God’s word to civil law, including the first table of the law. Understanding the nuance of how the word “Christian” is used to refer to the universal body of Christ and that which is closely associated with it.

We had little problems using the word Christian to describe a school and people shot up by a transvestite in Nashville. The idea that their can call people Christian based on superficial evidence (we have no idea the salvific state of the six people who were killed, it was reported they were Christians, rightly so, I might add.) Additionally, there are Christian schools, churches, and businesses. Scott Aniol is arguing against the lexicon and historic usage. After all, Evangelicals love labeling Chick-Fil-A a Christian business based on it stated Christian values. But opponents to Christian Nationalism draw a line at applying this to nations. And just as the school in Nashville was attacked for Christianity, so too have nations been attack for Christianity in history.

Christ said the world hated him first. So that which draws fire for the name of Christ may aptly be referred to as Christian, and has historically always been.

Stephen Wolfe Was Right

White Evangelicals have taken more flak than any other demographic in the country for the very reason Stephen Wolfe articulated. But people took Wolfe’s comment to be to the exclusion of, mainly, black Christian leaders.

The problem with many theonerds is that they do not understand politics. They understand theology but they do not know how politics works, and it appears that Stephen Wolfe’s tweet drew offense for this reason.

Just a few weeks ago, The Gospel Coalition put out a trash article justifying mass immigration, claiming immigrants were more religious and therefore would help rejuvenate the church in Britain. The statistics do not show this in the UK, nor in the United States, as most naturalized citizens vote Democrat.

Additionally, nonwhites vote Democrat at astronomical rates.

In other words, Stephen Wolfe is tweeting that it’s okay to be white. It’s okay to compliment white Evangelicals as the most significant demographic defending biblical values in this country because its true.

Some took offense at the “lone bulwark” part instead of the white part, but this is still a misunderstanding of politics and voting blocs. A bulwark is “a wall or embankment raised as a defensive fortification; a rampart.”

Conservative black Christians are great allies, but unfortunately there isn’t a critical mass. Shows like Jason Whitlock’sย Fearless exist for the purpose of creating a critical mass of black men who apply biblical values in our culture. It’s a growing movement, but as a voting bloc, it’s still statistically insignificant. Critical Race Theory did major damage here. And with Hispanics, it seems to waiver from state to state.

It’s not racist to point this out. Nor is it racist to point out that Africans were the bulwark against the onslaught of gayness in the United Methodist Church and the Global Anglican Church. This is basic analysis. And if you want to reach people, you need to understand these demographics, and coordinate a message to them that doesn’t compromise the gospel.

G3 has had a glaring weakness in public theology for several years at this point, and thus why Christian who were right about Branch Covidianism from the beginning are dusting off the theology of Christian Nationalism, albeit under a new name, and rejecting the advise the naysayers who are in Big Eva who lack credibility on this issue.

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  1. It’s refreshing to see someone not afraid to use the term white in an argument. Even though he’s just referring to demographics, you know how it goes. The tweet didn’t get flagged or ratio’d or whatever happens on twitter to discipline wrongspeak?

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