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Dylan Mulvaney

Relevant Magazine Affirms Dylan Mulvaney As A Christian

Dylan Mulvaney achieved viral fame after lockdowns paused his theatrical aspirations, he created a new role for himself to play: a woman. But Dylan Mulvaney doesn’t just pretend to be a woman. He pretends to be a little girl. A recent promotional can of Bud Light showcased by Dylan Mulvaney with his likeness on it led to a nationwide boycott of the most popular brand of America’s most popular beer company. Running cover for Dylan Mulvaney is surprisingly, Relevant Magazine, the woke charismatic faith-based magazine.

In an article titled, Dylan Mulvaney: “I’m Trying Really Hard To Maintain a Relationship With God” Relevant Magazine comes out affirming transgenderism and Dylan Mulvaney. This is evident in the first sentence.

Dylan Mulvaney, a popular TikTok star and transgender woman, recently opened up about their relationship with God.

Immediately Relevant Magazine begins by referring to a transvestite man as the fictional category of “transgender woman” and using his preferred pronouns.

Last month, Mulvaney hosted a variety show titled “365 Days of Girlhood” at the Rockefeller Center in New York City. Mulvaney’s show featured numerous song and dance numbers, including “(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman” by Carole King and “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. During a performance of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” Mulvaney took the time to open about about their thoughts on how God views them.

“I’m going to say something that might make people feel a little bit uncomfortable: I’m trying really hard to maintain a relationship with God,” Mulvaney said. “I don’t think He made a mistake with me, and that maybe one day, I will actually be grateful for being trans, that this isn’t some curse, but it’s just a different path to the same destination.”

As previously noted, Mulvaney’s fetish is that he envisions himself as a little girl which is very emblematic of his performance at his own event. Surprisingly, Mulvaney doesn’t try to transgender God, but his remark is concluded with a universalist theology about God’s providence.

Mulvaney, who uses both she/her and they/them pronouns, gained a massive following on TikTok after they began sharing daily videos of their journey becoming a transgender woman. Mulvaney has also been the center of controversy after promoting a custom Bud Light beer can on their TikTok, even though the product was just part of a larger social media influencer campaign and not for sale.

Relevant Magazine feels the need to virtue signal to their pagan audience by informing us of his preferred pronouns.

“Anheuser-Busch works with hundreds of influencers across our brands as one of many ways to authentically connect with audiences across various demographics and passion points,” a company spokesperson told Fox News. “From time to time, we produce unique commemorative cans for fans and for brand influencers, like Dylan Mulvaney. This commemorative can was a gift to celebrate a personal milestone and is not for sale to the general public.”

The fact that Dylan Mulvaney was viewed as big enough and important enough to be given a commemorative can of Bud Light was no accident and was certainly not done according to merit. Mulvaney has been astroturfed by the Democrats and liberal media.

Nevertheless, conservatives began boycotting Bud Light and accused the company of “going woke” for partnering with Mulvaney.

As though promoting transgenderism is not woke, Relevant Magazine pretends that the boycott was misguided.

Relevant Magazine hardly lives up to its name, rarely commenting or covering transgenderism. In 2021, they insisted the bathroom rape in a Loudon County public school was irrelevant to the issue of transgenderism. In 2019, Relevant Magazine promoted Pete Buttigieg’s faith.

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3 Responses

  1. Hello my friends – welcome to the Laodicean church, so reprehensible to the Lord Jesus Christ that He vomits them out of His mouth – Revelation 3:16. Relevant Magazine actually has a very apt name. They seek to be relevant to our degenerate, wicked culture, not to the true and living God and our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Their opinion is irrelevant. The Bible says what it says, and it says the boy is headed to Hell, lest he repent and turn from his abominable sins.

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