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Brent Leatherwood ERLC

Southern Baptist Convention Lobbies For Gun Control

This issue has been brewing ever since a transvestite open fired on Christian children and teachers in a private school in Nashville, Tennessee. As men like William Wolfe have noted, Big Eva is pivoting towards supporting gun control legislation, and now we see the evidence of Brent Leatherwood president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention writing a letter in support of gun control measures proposed by Gov. Bill Lee.

Governor Bill Lee proposed a capitulation of implementing a red flag law, which is the focal point for the gun control policies that Brent Leatherwood uses the platform of the Soutehrn Baptist Convention to advocate.

As Connecticut was first to implement red flag laws in 1999 and Indiana in 2005, there are decades of data available to measure the success of red flag laws, yet there is no evidence of their effectiveness in preventing violent crime. Red flag laws aim to be the Minority Report of gun laws.

A late 2018 study by the Crime Prevention Research Center concluded that

“Red flag laws had no significant effect on murder, suicide, the number of people killed in mass public shootings, robbery, aggravated assault, or burglary. There is some evidence that rape rates rise. These laws apparently do not save lives.”

Second Amendment activist already concluded that red flag laws are incompatible with both the 2nd and the 5th Amendments. In 2018, Maryland passed a red flag that led to police murdering someone to fulfill the court order. On behalf of all Southern Baptists, Leatherwood writes:

This proposal is about helping individuals in distress or dealing with mental anguish. By empowering families to signal a loved one is in need, you are giving them the ability to partner with law enforcement to provide direct and focused attention where and when it is needed for the safety of the individual and the broader community.

This proposal values life, both the life of the person in distress and anyone who may become a target in their anguish. Removing their ability to inflict harm on themselves or others is in line with our state’s strong commitment to protecting the sanctity of life.

This proposal allows a narrow expansion of order of protection laws that, rather than conflict, actually align with our Second Amendment rights, something that is very important to many Tennesseans, and to me personally as a gun owner. By focusing on those in need of help and support, this policy helps prevent the loss of innocent lives without eroding our cherished, fundamental rights. In fact, because this solution is so clearly situated in the mental health arena, by not passing it, you risk undermining support for the Second Amendment.

This proposal restrains evil. Yes, it is true we live in a world tainted by terrible acts and deeds, but that is never an excuse for inaction. While it may not prevent every instance of this sort of violence, it will prevent some, and thereby save innocent lives. That should be more than enough reason to advance this proposal

Brent Leatherwood is speaking about Lee’s proposal, not an actual bill. So far Tennessee Democrats introduced a red flag law, but it was blocked in committee last week. Time is running out on the Tennessee legislative session, to which Leatherwood argues:

Other voices are saying there is too little time left in this legislative session to consider such a proposal. Little credence should be given to that. As stated above, one of government’s purposes is the protection of our essential liberties, especially the right to life. Now is the time to act. Safeguarding the lives of Tennesseans is worth the small effort required to extend the legislative work period and reopen committees if necessary.

Southern Baptists comprise over one-fifth of the population of Tennessee, and our churches dot its landscape. Each year, messengers appointed by such churches come together for our national convention. Last year, Southern Baptists overwhelmingly passed a resolution that, in part, states the following:

“We earnestly pray for our local, state, and federal leaders to recognize the seriousness of the ongoing threat of mass shootings throughout our society and to take concrete steps, towards solutions that uphold the dignity and value of every human life, especially the most vulnerable among us, and to minimize the threat of gun violence throughout our society.”

That is my prayer for you, our legislative leaders. I beg of you to put down the weapons of partisan warfare in this moment, and instead put on the cloak of serious and thoughtful policymaking that will make a real difference for parents, the public, and those suffering from mental distress.

The Covenant School tragedy was the worst school shooting in our state’s history. I am asking that you take steps now to ensure no school in Tennessee ever has to endure our nightmare again.

Tennessee already took steps to prevent future tragedy by passing a bill banning the transgendering of children. But this tragedy resulted from hatred of Christ. It was a hatred of Christ that drove Audrey Hale to murder people and her unwavering support of transgenderism as well. Brent Leatherwood thinks that red flag laws can fix that, and he’s so brazen to presuppose that the Southern Baptists in Tennessee would support him on his quest to support gun control measures. Meanwhile he’s nowhere to be found on conservative causes that Southern Baptist actually support.

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  1. The Godless mental health “experts” are the ones who created the nashville killer in the first place, filling her mind with lies and false sense of entitlement to not only expect but to demand and to force everyone else to accept and approve of abominable sin. They are the last people on this planet that anyone should trust with more authority or power. And they are the first who deserve to be red flagged.

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