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Tucker Carlson Goes Viral Calling Episcopalian Church The Shallowest Faith Tradition Ever Invented

Tucker Carlson’s (presumed firing) at Fox News is the large fire that has almost snuffed the flames from a story  was also newsworthy. In a speech at the Heritage Foundation, Tucker Carlson calls out the Episcopalian Church, calling it “the shallowest faith tradition ever invented” before saying that, “It’s not even a Christian religion.”

Tucker Carlson begin the clip by stating that we are not in a debate about economic policy. He then states that we’re in a debate with spiritual forces. He then states that he’s an Episcopalian so don’t take theological advice from him, before stating the aforementioned quotes.

He talks about abortion and how we aren’t debating whether abortion is a necessary evil but whether its a public good, which liberals are insisting on. Tucker explains that this is evil, appealing to ancient ideas about evil being associated with chaos while order is good.

Then Tucker Carlson takes aim at boomercons who think we can debate our way out of this. He argues that we are in a post-debate culture. Michael O’Fallon comes to mind as someone who thinks that debate will convince people who believe in transgenderism. Tucker Carlson offers up two solutions: speak the truth instead of engaging in fraudulent debates and prayer.

At this point Tucker Carlson uses his Episcopalian upbringing to goad the crowd into heeding his words. If he as a self-identifying Episcopalian sees this, then you should too is the exact point Carlson is making.

This is hardly the first time Tucker Carlson has showed this level of spiritual awareness. Earlier this year he called out several prominent member of Big Eva, including Tim Keller. Tucker Carlson may say he came from the Episcopal tradition, but his theology is too discerning to truly be aligned with the apostate denomination.

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  1. I listened to your podcast and found your assesment of TC as possibly regenerate interesting. Obviously you have far more insight as to TC’s validity as a professing believer than I do, seeing that I’ve never heard him speak until I heard him here. Is this maybe just another example of a Jordan Peterson-ish situation ala “almost a believer”?

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