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An Offer Of Peace Between Christian Nationalists and G3 Ministries

The brewing conflict between Christian Nationalist and Mid Eva figures, namely members of G3 Ministries has shown some signs of slowing down after what could or should have been an iron sharpen iron, but unfortunately never was on a bilateral level.

Jesus says “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called Children of God.” (Matthew 5:9) Often times making peace requires decisive action. In Numbers 25, Phinehas receives a covenant of peace for taking a spear and driving it threw an Israelite and a Midian woman who seduced him.

In the interest of making peace between Christian Nationalist and the Mid Eva figures, I am not going to drive a spear through the other side. Rather I prefer to dictate terms of ceasefire for the discontinuation of sin and unity for the body. In my upcoming book, Winning Not Winsome I have a chapter warning against such needless conflict. Obviously secondary issues shouldbe debatd on friendly terms, and primary issues should be debated with the understanding of false teaching and false teachers in the midst. Christian Nationalism is a secondary issue, and some are raising it to a primary issue, particularly those who erroneously argue it’s incompatible with Baptist theology.

So here are my terms for peace within the body:

Both Parties

  • Confess and repent of all sins committed.
  • Recognize the debate is over a secondary issue

Mid Eva

  • Denounce James Lindsay. James Lindsay’s blaspheming of the Holy Spirit is untenable for a working relationship to continue. If Michael O’Fallon or anyone else refuses to denounce James Lindsay, he should be removed from the G3 board of directors and or leadership.
  • Cease all accusations of racism and ethnocentrism among faithful believers, including Stephen Wolfe, and other woke tactics. Instead give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Allow Christian Nationalist brothers to modify their statement on Christian Nationalism and the Gospel.

Christian Nationalists

  • Continue working on and formulate a core ideology through the Statement on Christian Nationalism and the Gospel


And if these terms seem one sided, then take a look at the current debate, as it too is one sided. Consider that I label this a ceasefire and not a surrender. Mid Eva yoked itself to a God-hating atheist and used his talking points to malign believers, thus the greater emphasis on this term. But as for me, I will abide by the terms, and hope that those on the other side will as well.

These are the terms that I believe are fair and allow brothers to move forward in this debate peaceably. The memes can surely continue on both sides, as the memes were quite frankly the most productive part of the dialog.

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3 Responses

  1. Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the faith has done a video on “white christian nationalism”. Some of his commenters were even saying that Stephen Wolfe sounds like the white supremacist and nationalist in the video whose name escapes me right now. I haven’t seen the whole vid yet, but was wondering if you were going to address it, because Chris is pretty solid, theologically speaking, to my knowledge and helped me come out of my false assurance of salvation and charismaticism.

    1. Chris Rosebrough has been going after a man named Corey Mahler who is a LCMS priest that I think was defrocked for being a neo-nazi. I don’t think Stephen Wolfe sounds like him.

      1. Me neither. I was only wondering if Chris was conflating Mahler with Christian nationalism. I haven’t had a chance to watch the whole vid yet. Appreciate the response.

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