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Josh Butler

Joshua Butler Resigns From His Church Over TGC Article

Joshua Butler famously wrote an article for The Gospel Coalition that angered many feminists who opposed talking about how sex within marriage points to the gospel. Though not particularly well written, much worse remains published by The Gospel Coalition. Josh Butler has since been removed from The Gospel Coalition’s Keller Center, and now his church has followed suit.

According to RNS:

In his church resignation letter, Butler said “the toll of this controversy on many of our staff and leaders this month has been intense.” Butler and other elders at the church decided it would be best for him to step down, according to the letter. 

Resigning, he said, would allow him to take part in “public conversations” about his book without harming the church.

So in other words, he was forced to resign because of what he wrote that was sequentially published by a Big Eva publisher. Josh Butler has numerous red flags, but the article that he wrote was hardly worthy of the cancellation he has undergone. The gynocracy is real.

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