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Vivek Ramaswamy

How Pro-Life is Vivek Ramaswamy?

Recently, Jim Harden, who oversees CompassCare Pregnancy Services, released his Pro-Life metrics regarding each of the GOP presidential hopefuls, which was blasted by by Jason Jones. Most of Harden’s metrics, which he dubs the Harden Abortion Compromise Scale (HACS), are unsurprising, like the idea that Biden would lead to no babies saved because of his promotion of abortion. That Nikki Haley and Tim Scott are marginally better than Biden is unsurprising. Then falls Asa Hutchinson, who is little better than Scott, with Trump and Pence beside one another. Hutchinson’s fake Christianity, whereby he believes in mask mandates but thinks its too far to ban child mutilation, makes this unsurprising. For Trump and Pence, this could perhaps be a smear at the GOP frontrunner, but the two have a record on abortion from their administration for voters to gage, even as Trump has increasingly been hostile towards pro-life activists.

Abortions by candidate

It should be noted that Larry Elder has not been included in this list despite having announced his candidacy, nor is Robert F Kennedy.

Abortions by candidate 2

There could be DeSantis bias in claiming that he would protect 508K babies a year, but why is Vivek Ramaswamy perceived as equal with DeSantis? Now, the fact that Vivek is a Hindu should already be a glaring red flag for Christians, especially when there are other candidates who claim Christianity. Nevertheless, Vivek has garnered a reputation being an outspoken critic of ESG and wokeism, yet his desire for a merit-based immigration system and other antics present downsides to his conservative credentials. Moreover, his announcement video references the debate on Ivermectin’s efficacy as immaterial, which strikes as odd given that doctors murdered their patients by denying them this lifesaving drug.

Yet he is hardly a renown pro-life activist, so by what objective standard does Harden contend that he would be the staunchest pro-life candidate, or at least on parr with DeSantis. Contrary, the evidence would suggest that Vivek Ramaswamy is not pro-life in practice.

Roivant Sciences

Prior to his political ambitions, Vivek Ramaswamy founded Roivant Sciences, which he built through his skills as a financier rather than a scientist. He would leave the company in January of 2021, and the company would later become public through an SPAC merger. According to Forbes, he owns stake 8% in Roivant Sciences, which currently trades at under $10/share. Roivant is most known for its psoriasis drug VTAMA (tapinarof), which is sold through its subsidiary Dermavant. This drug is the only product in its pipeline which has achieved commercialization.

The pharmaceutical industry is rife with collusion between major corporations and the government. These companies often expand through investment in other experimental therapeutics and treatments, in which they would attain revenues from royalty or equity in the financed company upon FDA approval. Basically, pharmaceutical companies grow by investing in other potential products, which expands their pipelines. Multiple companies will invest in the same prospective drug, similar to venture capitalism for start-ups. This intertwines companies like Roivant with giants like Pfizer, whom they share three subsidiaries with.

Companies in the Roivant Family

The connections and collusion with Big Pharma is concerning. Priovant is a joint venture between Roivant and Pfizer, which came after Vivek left in January 2021. Nevertheless, Roivant had partnerships with Softbank, Merck, Cigna, Johnson and Johnson (Datavant), and numerous other companies. Unmentioned on this list is cellular therapeutics developer Cytovant, which is noteworthy for its partnership with Sinovant Sciences, which is Chinese. None of these subsidiaries deal in transgenderism.

From a pro-life standpoint, the initial concern is that Vivek, in his career, financed or participated in fetal cell research or otherwise participated in abortion related research. While his resume pales in comparison to Francis Collins, who financed gruesome and abominable fetal research at the University of Pittsburg, Vivek, through his company, was in bed with those who profiteered off of fetal research, namely those who created and marketed the poisonous Covid Vaccines. The question of bioethics is one that Vivek must be confronted with if he is to be taken seriously as a champion of the pro-life movement. Given his connections, would he be the strongest candidate to fight back against mifepristone or do his connections and perhaps investments represent a potential conflict of interest?

Just as Big Pharma profited off Covid, so too did Roivant get a piece of the action. During his tenure, Roivant funded Datavant, which partnered with other firms to create a Covid database for public health. Roivant would also attempt to benefit off the monoclonal antibody therapeutics through its gimsilumab, which ultimately failed in clinical trials. As an aside, the reason it appeared to fail was due to insignificant patient outcomes for treatment on Covid, but it slightly underperformed the placebo group.


The most interesting aspect of Roivant’s Covid investments was its subsidiary Genevant. Founded in 2018 by Roivant, Genevant leads the way in nucleic acid delivery, which is the NA in DNA. Roivant owns an effective 88% stake in Genevant. In their own words:

Genevant’s scientific leadership has pioneered Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) nucleic acid delivery for 20+ years. With our proprietary advantages, LNPs can provide both optimal uptake into desired cells and efficient release, resulting in functional delivery of nucleic acid payloads to target tissues. Our LNP platform, the delivery technology behind the first and only siRNA-LNP product to achieve regulatory approval (Alnylam’s ONPATTRO®), also enables a wide array of mRNA-based applications, including vaccines, therapeutic protein production, and gene editing. 

Roivant Genevant

Genevant was instrumental in the creation of the poisonous Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. They are currently involved in a lawsuit against Moderna pertaining to patent infringement on their LNP platform, which remains ongoing. Arbutus Biopharma is also involved in this lawsuit. 

In a Genevant press release, the company stated the following pertaining to the alleged patent infringement:

It is well established in the scientific literature that the most significant technological hurdle to developing and deploying medicines using mRNA is engineering a safe and effective way to deliver the mRNA to human cells. Scientists at Arbutus and Genevant have spent years developing and refining lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery technology, which has been licensed for various applications to many different third parties. Genevant and Arbutus’s LNP technology relies on microscopic particles built from four carefully selected types of fat-like molecules to shelter and protect RNA molecules. With this technology, the RNA can travel through the human body to a target cell and through the target cell’s membrane before releasing the RNA. Without this crucial delivery technology, the RNA would quickly degrade in the body and be ineffective.

In other words, Vivek Ramaswamy founded the company that pioneered the LNP patents which were critical to the development of mRNA vaccines. Roivant also a 29% stake in Arbutus BioPharma, so effectively, they own 88% of the patents and stand to benefit from this lawsuit if successful. These patents were the delivery mechanism for the mRNA spike proteins.

Covid Vaccine Death Toll


Pfizer: 666.14 million doses administered

To date, an unironic 666 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine have been administered globally, making Pfizer the largest benefactor from the global vaccine agenda, of which Genevant’s technology was instrumental platform in their development.

As of April 21, VAERS had 35,219 deaths, 198,277 hospitalizations, and 4,986 miscarriages, in addition to a litany of other negative patient outcomes. 

Of course, this is the official data according to the vastly underreported VAERS. If one takes estimates for all the deaths, the numbers are a magnitude larger than the VAERS officially reported deaths. The excess deaths from these vaccines, particularly in younger demographics led to the Died Suddenly phenomenon, including the near death of Damar Hamlin on national TV. Steve Kirsch estimates the death toll near or in excess of 500,000.


Vivek Ramaswamy has a terrible record on the life issue. His participation in the formation of Genevant as CEO of Roivant Sciences later contributed to the creation and manufacture of the poisonous Pfizer vaccine. Additionally, it must be said that he is incredibly weak on the issue of vaccines and can hardly be expected to bring justice to the malefactors behind Covid, of which he and his cronies were among. While it is unclear whether he directly engaged in abortion related research, his company partnered with companies who have been guilty of fetal cell research, including Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson. His connection to the most utilized Covid vaccine is exceedingly worse than the issue of research using fetal cell lines, and should be disqualifying as a candidate for president.

Christians cannot expect that Vivek Ramaswamy will be a strong advocate for life in the White House. Jim Harden might think Nikki Haley is bad on abortion, but Vivek Ramaswamy would be worse.

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  1. Hindu is an automatic no. They’re notoriously hostile to Christians. Just look at what Christians in India are going through these days.

    As it stands right now, the only vote I plan on casting is for Mark Robinson, who’s running for governor of my state, assuming he stands fast in the faith, and doesn’t start backpedaling, waffling, and giving in to pressures both inside and outside of his party. Other than that vote, the rest of my ballot will likely be left blank. All the candidates on my ballot aren’t yet known, and I haven’t yet done thorough research on those that are, so it could change. But right now, he’s about the only candidate I can endorse and vote for, in good conscience, and even that may change upon further research.

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