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Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley’s Church Baptizes Transvestite Woman

Our friends at Protestia have done an excellent job covering the embrace of homosexuality and transgenderism at Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church. They recently uncovered a tragic tale of a church affirming transgenderism and homosexual marriage. A lesbian approaches two high ranking North Point pastors confiding her gender dysphoria. They counsel her in a way that’s affirming of transgenderism and she goes through with the surgery (a minimum of top surgery). She continues dating women, and she is baptized by North Point.

North Point Church Baptizes Openly Transgender ‘Man’, After Giving Blessing to Transition?

Elaine Scott is a long-time North Point Community Church pastor, her involvement dating back nearly 30 years. From Membership & Baptism Coordinator to Care Ministry Coordinator, she’s now the Director of Women’s Groups at Woodstock City Church. Last year she led a 4-week study through the book of Psalms and she preaches every now and then.

Woodstock City Church (WCC) is one of the eight multisite churches North Point Community Church operates, just off Ridgewalk Pkwy in Woodstock, GA. We recently covered them after a young man from the congregation came out as a “transgender woman” on Instagram and shared that his pronouns were now ‘she/her.’

Rather than WCC leaders seeing this as a sad, tragic turn of events, they celebrated him, offering multiple means of support. In particular, nearly a dozen North Point leaders were active in the comments at the news of his coming out into gender confusion, giving him “likes” and “hearts” and saying things like “beautiful” and “Be you! Much, much love.” 

Clay Scroggin is another leader at North Point Ministries. The Lead Pastor of several campuses over the years, including Buckhead and the flagship North Point, many viewed his leadership as only second to Andy Stanley. Scroggins left North Point in 2021 to found his own leadership company. We wrote about him after he invited an open and unrepentant gay man to come to give a talk at North Point and then praised the gay man’s LGBT-affirming ministry, praying, “Lord, let him create more allies for the LGBTQ community.”

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4 Responses

  1. It’s almost like clockwork. Seems every time, there’s a woman (Scott), suppressing the truth and following her heart (which God’s word tells her will deceive her – Jer. 17:9), and somewhere down the line there’s a man (Stanley) who fails to lead, is too cowardly to say NO, and does not fear the Lord enough to do what must be done.

    What must be done is given in 1 Cor. 5. Unrepentant sexually immoral (pornos), who practice sexual immorality (porneia), must not be allowed in the church. And believers are not to associate with them at any time or place (1 Cor. 5:1, 2 Tim 3:5, etc.)

    They’re not to be allowed into the church at all, much less their abominable sin be accepted, affirmed, and endorsed. Not one toe inside the doors. They are to be driven out. And it should be done without pity (Duet 19:21), and without apology for God’s word.

    In the very last 2 chapters of God’s word, His final words to us before His return, He twice reiterates yet again His reasons for judgment, and that the unrepentant sexually immoral (pornos) will inherit the lake of fire (Rev. 21:8, Rev. 22:15.)

    Both verses also reference liars and those who practice falsehood. As Rom. 1:18 describes it begins with the suppression of the truth. (such as the truth that there are two genders, male and female, and that one cannot become the other, and the truth that homosexuality is abominable sin, and the near infinitude of other truths that are suppressed in this day and age).

    Yet the first sins listed in Rev. 21:8, are cowardice and faithlessness.

    Somewhere back along the line, you’ll find a man (Stanley) who is a faithless coward, who fears mankind but does not fear the Lord, who lacks the smallest measure of faith and courage required to do what God says to do.

    1. * 1 Cor 5:11 says not to associate with them. 1 Cor 5:1 the word used is porneia – i.e., the chapter applies to all sexual immorality, not just the type that had been reported to the Apostles.

    2. And of course, it goes back in time also – to when she was made a “pastor” in direct violation of God’s word, at minimum.

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