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Scott Sauls

Scott Sauls Scrubs Support For Revoice From Website

On May 8 we reported that the most prominent liberal pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America, Scott Sauls, has taken disciplinary action against him for unspecified reasons. Although the admission by Sauls includes suppressing dissenting voices, the subject of this dissent is unknown.

Yet Evangelical Dark Web uncovered the fact that Scott Sauls has scrubbed his past support for Revoice from his website. A blog post titled, Thoughts on Revoice, Unnecessary Division, and the PCA has been deleted from Scott Saul’s personal blog following his suspension. Evangelical Dark Web had access to the page during our coverage of Scott Sauls being disciplined by the PCA. But since that time the page has been scrubbed. The archive of Scott Sauls supporting Revoice and Side B theology is archived here.

Moreover, it would appear that all the blog posts on his personal website have been subsequently removed.

The specifics as to why Scott Sauls has been discredited have been under wraps, but the action taken by Sauls to scrub blog posts from the internet provide an indication as to the nature of the division that Sauls mishandled.

Being that Revoice is the most prominent of the divisions which Sauls has contributed to in the church, it remains highly plausible that this is the reason.

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