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Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle’s Faith Deconstruction for Fame

Celebrity culture is toxic even within “Christianity.” People who arose through seemingly honest intentions, portending themselves as believers only for the facade to be revealed over time as they acquire wealth and fame. Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) is loaded with numerous figures who through fame revealed themselves to be counterfeit. The latest and greatest example would be Lauren Daigle, whose career trajectory places her at the top of CCM genre as she expands her audience to more secular circles through her latest, self-titled album.

It is not inherently problematic that she has shifted towards a quasi-secular style of music since music and art are a means of competing with the world on their turf. Thus, it would be an unfair criticism to apply to her, but not Christian movies like Nefarious or The Passion of the Christ. Yet the underlying reasons suggest that Daigle, who has arisen predominately through a Christian music industry is shifting secular because that reflects her own beliefs, or lack thereof.

Back in 2018, Daigle failed on the question of homosexuality in the bible where after performing before lesbian talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, she stated during a radio interview, “You know, I can’t honestly answer on that. I have too many people that I love that are homosexuals. I don’t know.” Though not as extreme as the Apostle Peter, in that moment Daigle denied Christ.

In an interview with People Magazine, rather than demonstrate remorse and contrition, like Peter, she instead doubled down on her sin.

Following the criticism, “I flew home, got in my parents’ bed and just cried for three days,” says the two-time Grammy winner, who just released her third album, Lauren Daigle. “I do feel like certain Christians were like, ‘Is she real anymore? Has she gone to the dark side?’ “

Many people thought this at the time, including myself, because the issue of homosexuality was rampant in our society. There is no room for ignorance on this issue. And it is not that she does not “know” what the bible says, but that she disagrees.

Through the experience, Daigle grew a thicker skin.

“We had a show at Carnegie Hall right after that, and there was a father who looked at me with tears falling down his cheeks. He said, ‘My church said, “You either choose to stand up for your [gay] son, or you stick with the church.” ‘ He whispered to me, ‘I’ll never reject my child,’ ” Daigle recalls. “You see the ache that so many have felt in having to stand up for who they are against the powers that be. I just want people to feel accepted and safe.”

Despite the flak she caught in 2018, Daigle has found peace.

While the story might be embellished, the basic fork in the road presented by Daigle is that a father of a gay child was told that he would not be in good standing with his church if he stood up for his child. Luke 12:53 instructs that the Gospel will divide families. Thus, the decision one must make is choosing Christ over their own son. And unfortunately, in an era where Gen Z is nearly 20% identifying with the rainbow, parents should apply introspection to how their actions (and sins) contribute to this statistic.

Nevertheless, Daigle views the church as the villain in this story for demanding orthopraxis. She views the rebellious son as a victim who is rejected by the church for being a homosexual.

Daigle has demonstrated further compromise on the sin of homosexuality. Dissenter highlighted how her upcoming album credits homosexual songwriter Shane McAnally. McAnally is “married” to another man and they adopted two children in 2012, which could imply that they performed surrogacy.

Protestia pointed out her ambivalence on her home state’s abortion law during an interview with The Guardian. Yet they did not mention that even The Guardian was incredulous to her feigned ignorance.

The 45th president’s legacy remains encoded in the country’s current legislative agenda: what about the near-total ban on abortion that went into effect in Louisiana last year, with no exceptions even for rape or incest? “I have no idea, I’m terrible,” says Daigle. “I know that we have a Democrat governor but I don’t know where our abortion laws are in Louisiana.”

There can’t be many thirtysomething women who can afford to remain similarly uninformed. Her US representative steps in to change the subject. But the repeated message of Daigle’s album is to keep listening to other points of view. “It’s a tricky line that we’re walking,” she sings on the gothic Don’t Believe Them. “We got so many people talking, and nobody thinks that they’re wrong.”

[Boldness added]

As soon as the conversation became too political, she, with her agent, pivots, despite abortion and life being a fundamental political issue for Christians going back decades.


For what is a man profited if he gains the whole world, and loses or forfeits himself?

Luke 9:25 NASB1995

Lauren Daigle represents someone who has long sold-out Christianity for fame and fortune. She refuses to take a stand on any controversial topic as a means to be loved by the world and retain her audience. She will not take a biblical stance on any issue, not against homosexuality nor abortion. She did not even defend singing at Sean Feucht’s “Let Us Worship” concert protesting lockdowns in New Orleans. Concerns about Feucht aside, she did not even defend her own actions during a protest of government tyranny because it “caused this huge fuss.”

Those who straddle the fence will eventually be impaled. 

Even her rise to prominence relied on Hillsong, North Point, and American Idol before she finally broke out in 2018. Her series of compromises has subsequently deconstructed her faith in the process. At this trajectory, she will be the next Amy Grant hosting gay weddings.

Meanwhile, the CCM industry and all the K-Love radio stations will proudly promote her music because they are beholden to the world.

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