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Ted Cruz Supports Homosexuality, Condemns Uganda

As Steve Deace recently tweeted, “Democrats won’t count your vote, and Republicans will make sure your vote doesn’t count.” The party that just negotiated against itself $4 trillion dollars in the federal debt ceiling for the low price of $29 billion in insignificant cuts is the gift that keeps on giving for Americans. For a party that industrializes outrage against the left, they oft reveal themselves to be of the same mind as the democrats, only they have to pretend that they represent their voters.

Enter Senator Ted Cruz, who was once the most radical conservative in Washington DC, a figure of promise and intellect, whom church attending evangelicals supported in 2016 over Donald Trump, who has demonstrated himself to be a perpetual disappointment as a Senator. His ineffectual absence in 2020 during Covid tyranny is not forgotten, being that he championed himself as a defender of the constitution. He then voted for globalist wars in Ukraine, against the interests of conservatives. He was the man who once touted term limits yet is seeking a third term in Washington, as he is up for reelection in 2024. 

Yet this tweet is a new low for Ted Cruz:


Ted Cruz Tweet

Quote tweeting a New York Times article is bad enough, but for a senator who calls himself a Christian to condemn the Ugandan government’s criminalization of homosexuality is an affront to Scripture and God’s Law. Cruz’s use of “abomination,” the term used in most English translations, is detestable, and this term was by no means a coincidence, but intentional. Leviticus is quite clear in its language regarding homosexuality, and the Mosaic Law prescribed the death penalty.

Therefore, Uganda has every right to criminalize sodomy and imprison homosexuals. The African parliament can gaze at the West and discern with clarity the blight sodomites have on a society and therefore ratify legislation against this global homosexual agenda. It is their duty. Homosexuality is a detriment to society which even pagan nations, like China and Qatar, recognize, and therefore act to restrict.

Moreover, Ted Cruz is not just supporting homosexuality in this tweet, he’s supporting pedophilia, perhaps unwittingly. As noted in our previous coverage of the Ugandan law, “aggravated homosexuality” refers to sodomizing children. Child rapist are most deserving of the death penalty, but not if they’re gay. According to Ted Cruz, Uganda executing pedophiles is a human rights abuse.

Going into Pride Month, homosexuality has become the most prevalent disease across Western Civilization, becoming codified as civic religion by the corporations and the state. Rather than stand with the boycotts of homosexual businesses or tweet against the corporatists imposing this agenda to our countrymen, Cruz has condemned those actually fighting the global Rainbow Jihad.

If America is ever to be a Christian Nation, homosexuality must be condemned and forced back into the closet. “What two consenting adults do in privacy is their business” is not a biblical standard but is the world’s standard. Consent is not morality, and the Mosaic Law condemned private acts, because what transpires in privacy does not stay private. Therefore, it is in the interest of the Civil Magistrate to condemn the evil of sodomy, even if by the sword.

The Slippery Slope is undefeated. Antonin Scalia demonstrated in his dissenting opinion in Lawrence v. Texas that decriminalization of sodomy would lead to “gay marriage,” but Scalia could hardly have foreseen the host of other homosexual fetishes becoming widespread amongst our populace, including but not limited to transgenderism, state sponsored child mutilation, Drag Queen Story Time, pornography in schools, men dominating women’s sports (even combat sports), homosexual adoption/abuse, lactating men, and the normalization of pedophilia. All this has taken place within 20 years of Lawrence v Texas.

From shared experience, every believer should understand why Leviticus reads exactly the way it does, and there should be no apology or sugarcoating the hard truths found in Scripture. Ted Cruz calls Uganda’s law “grotesque & an abomination.” No. America’s toleration of homosexuality is a grotesque abomination worthy of divine wrath.

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3 Responses

  1. Sad to see so many professing Christians essentially claiming that God is wrong, and that His standards are disgusting

    What’s truly horrific is that they are going to spend eternity in Hell. A fate infinitely worse than life in prison or physical death. That is indeed terrifying.

  2. Huge disappointment! I remember when he was first elected how anti-establishment he was. The RNC was against him. He told Karl Rove to go f himself. Not sure if he was just acting or if he has become compromised and has to play along. Doesn’t matter either way. This is what he’s concerned about with that massive spending bill pending approval and our treasury with what would be considered pennies (54.4 billion) of cash and so close after we paid taxes!!

    1. That is why I opened summarized his decay. Part of the problem is that he accepts the liberal premise, like Conservative Media, but I think his family, particularly his daughter who is wayward, and Washington DC have corrupted him.

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