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Chosen Actors Invoke Jesus To Affirm Homosexuality

The Chosen is becoming more difficult to defend. After The Chosen cited diversity to defend allowing pride flags on set and then subsequently glamorizing them in a behind the scenes video, now its actors have come forwards in support as well in blasphemous fashion.

The Chosen understandably has an ensemble cast. In the series, a few of the main disciples are women, while the male characters are relegated to tertiary roles in the CW level drama. Among these roles are Thaddeus and Little James, 2 of the 12 disciples from the Bible. They are portrayed by Giavani Cairo and Jordan Ross respectively.

It’s worth mentioning that Cairo hadn’t tweeted in over a month, so he went out of his routine to support sodomy as it relates to this controversy. Quoting Jesus, he misinterprets “love one another” to mean support for buggery and crossdressing.

Jordan Ross follows this up by informing us that the flag was on set every day and implies homosexuality is heavily supported by the cast and crew. He then follows up by invoking Jesus.

It’s exceedingly clear, well into the production of the fourth season, the cast of The Chosen has no idea who Jesus is. This is the fruit of the show, which Evangelical Dark Web has oft criticized it for being a biblically unfaithful adaptation.

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2 Responses

  1. It is very encouraging to read the responses to their tweets, and to see God’s army overwhelmingly correcting the false teaching.

    There isn’t much else to add to what they already said, but I would note that the abominable sin worshipers exhibit many sins which Jesus directly condemned. Pride, service to mammon, teaching the traditions of men (a false image of Jesus) as doctrine, slander (of Jesus Himself), the love and practice of falsehood, idolatry, and several more. Sexual immorality, and the endorsement and celebration thereof, is but one manifestation of their totally reprobate, sinful, rebellious condition. It’s one bad fruit of a totally corrupted tree, which is plain to see.

    Another point that has struck me is how often such sins, including sexual immorality, are mentioned in the book of Revelation.

    In the last chapter of God’s word, the last few verses, Jesus condemns sin one final time, and among the sins listed,He reiterates again, for one last time, that the sexually immoral absolutely will not inherit the Kingdom of God. It is literally His last and final word of judgement on the matter. Case closed. Judgment rendered. No ifs. No ands. No buts.

  2. Hateful, awful people! You are anything but Christ-like! Worry about the skeletons in your own closet and let people do their own thing. If they love and believe in Jesus, they are welcomed in the Kingdom. Check your hate and ignorance at the gate when you’re not welcomed in!

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