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Mike Pence Announces Run For President, Gets Ratio’d

The newest entrant in the race for President of the United States is former Vice President Mike Pence. The much anticipated announcement was made on Twitter to the tune of 1.9 million views, announcing at 5:30 in the morning on Wednesday.

The tweet announcement by Mike Pence was poorly received, getting ratio’d online.


Mike Pence, by no means, is a frontrunner in the race. Current polling has him nowhere near the top, although it’s early. Mike Pence has a high name ID and a well documented history of capitulating to false religions despite his Evangelical reputation. As governor of Indiana, Mike Pence capitulated on the religious freedom, and as Vice President, Mike Pence oversaw the corona virus task force which did a poor job.

Although Mike Pence has no shot to win the nomination, Mike Pence’s announcement is significant in that the wondering eyes of Evangelicals might turn to Pence. Franklin Graham has already announced support (not an endorsement) for Mike Pence. It’s likely many Big Eva types will as well to appear conservative. Trump’s Evangelical influencers are scattered with Jerry Falwell Jr. disgraced and Robert Jeffress not running to endorse Trump for round three. The aforementioned Graham  made his support for Pence known after Trump announced.

Mike Pence waged a proxy war of endorsements against Trump in the 2022 primaries. This was foreshadow to him challenging Donald Trump directly in a primary cycle. Perhaps Pence’s run is more personal than practical, as the internet’s reaction to Pence’s announcement is anything but welcoming.

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  1. Pence had the opportunity to ensure the votes were all in order and that the irregularities of vote counts stopping in 5 states, which could have swung the outcome toward President Trump. Instead he chose to follow protocol over ensuring “We the People” had a free and fair election.
    By simply witholding certification until such a time as the States counting methods, checks and balances were properly audited and verified (which were Republican legislatures in those states could have assured) any question as to how in the world the basement dwelling person occupying the whitehouse obtained 81 milion votes. Now that we have seen such evidence as illuminated by computer forensic scientists and the DeSousa filme 2000 Mules — it pretty obvious to anyone who has at least a median double digit IQ or higher that there was indeed foul play.
    Instead he chose to act as a spinelss RINO and kowtow to pressure from the Never Trumpers and Demoncats.

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