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Final Predictions For 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention

It’s time we make our final, bold predictions ahead of the 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention. Last year we went 3 for 6 in our predictions, but none of our predictions were layups. This year we’re giving our hot take predictions which will play a key role in our upcoming livestreams on the Southern Baptist Convention.

Bart Barber Crushes Mike Stone In Reelection Bid

This is an easy prediction but a necessary prediction as it’s one of the major events. I don’t know any insiders who think that Mike Stone is running a good campaign. His Mitt Romney style of campaigning will have Mitt Romney results. Willy Rice giving the nominating speech will not create the necessary drive to vote for Mike Stone. Bart Barber will have his army of hirelings to reelect him with ease.

Anti-Bart Barber Nomination Made On The Floor

As Mike Stone will not make a compelling case that Bart Barber does not deserve a second term, a spoiler candidate will arise to nominate a nonviable candidate to give a nominating speech on the current state of the SBC. This is a hotter take, but a necessary one if you want to save the SBC.

Rick Warren Loses Appeal

This is the biggest reason to show up to SBC23: disfellowshipping Rick Warren. Rick Warren spammed a bunch of SBC pastors using SBC resources which has not gone over well. Ultimately I believe this will happen for two reasons:

  1. God’s judgement on Rick Warrent. I believe God is making is plain that Rick Warren is a false teacher. Rick Warren is a modern day prophet of Baal whose massive ego is going to take an L.
  2. SBC liberals get to claim they are conservative. Even the JD Greear types are indicating that Rick Warren suddenly went a bridge too far.

Liberal Resolutions Tabled

I predicted this last year and it did not come to pass, but I am going double or nothing, I suppose. The two resolutions I think will get tabled are a resolution on Christian Nationalism and a resolution promoting gun control.

Renewed Push To Abolish the ERLC

Last year the motion to abolish the ERLC got a vote on the convention floor. I believe this will be repeated again because the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission was nowhere to be found on transgendering children bills in state legislatures but came out to fight for gun control in Tennessee.

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