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Reject Juneteenth, Celebrate Life!

Every culture has its civic religion. For a society to thrive, there must be an underlying philosophy and culture that binds the people together. Every government is a theocracy with the only meaningful distinction being the nature of the “theo.” Whether organically or by the State, civic religion is established over the people, ordering them towards a higher set of values.

Stephen Wolfe includes in his definition of Christian Nationalism a calling to order “the totality of national action” towards the heavenly good. While his detractors reject the notion of the magistrate ordering the earthly towards the heavenly, they undoubtedly live in a society which was built by those who ordered America towards the Truth of Christianity.

At its core, America has a civic religion that is a mixture of patriotism and Christianity. We honor our revolution through Independence Day and Presidents Day, while honoring the military through Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. The civic religion expands to honor heroes, perceived or otherwise, like Christopher Columbus and Martin Luther King Jr. Even 9/11 is a de facto holiday defining the American civic religion, albeit marking its demise. Yet elements of the civic religion are geared towards the heavenly good, towards God. We see this in the recognition of Christmas and Easter as federal holidays. We see this in the establishment of Christian imagery through memorial crosses, public displays of the Ten Commandments, and the national motto of “In God We Trust.” While these cultural elements do not save, they provide subtle reminders that point towards the heavenly good.

For this reason, cultural Marxists seek to subvert and conquer the civic religion of America. They tear down statues of heroes past and replace them with lesser figures. In 2020, they martyred George Floyd to advance their anti-white agenda. They eventually created a holiday: Juneteenth.

While the holiday dates back to the reading of the Emancipation Proclamation in Texas, the elevation of the localized day to national status is irrelevant to the origins of Juneteenth. It could be renamed St. George Floyd’s Day, and the difference would be indistinguishable for most Americans, because most Americans did not know about a regional holiday prior to its nationalization by federal decree and racial propaganda.

Some might say that our country’s liberation of slavery was a commendable feat, worthy of celebration, and they would be correct, but that is not why America now celebrates Juneteenth. All the slaves were liberated officially on December 18, 1865, with the passage of the 13th Amendment. They have been freed for over 150 years, so the holiday has little to do with the history of slavery. This is further reflected in the African-nationalist imagery associated with Juneteenth. Rather than the red, white, and blue, of America, Juneteenth is branded with red, yellow, black, and green—colors typically associated with African flags. The associated imagery of “broken chains” or the raised fists further adds a Marxist element to this day. Rather than bring America together, it was meant to further divide Americans and impose Critical Race Theory as civic religion.

Thus, the holiday should be outright rejected. Wherever there is a Christian in public office, they should denounce the holiday, reject any proclamation honoring the Marxist day. Pay no homage whatsoever. Do not bow the knee to racist Baal. Treat it like Kwanzaa.

Instead, seek the alternative to honor Life instead. While there are rumblings about whether we should combat Pride Month with Life Month, let us begin by celebrating a singular day instead. June 24, 2022 was the day Roe v Wade was overturned. This is a significant day in American history as it represents the undoing of the worst decision in Supreme Court history, a monumental reversal of Judicial Activism that subsequently has saved countless lives. Abortion is grave wickedness. Over 60 million unborn were killed as the result of Roe v Wade. The announcement of Dobbs v Jackson on June 24th is worthy of remembrance.

Life Day, as I propose, would order society towards the heavenly good. By valuing life inside the womb, it elevates the dignity of life for those already born. Moreover, it points to the work still to be done on the life issue. The issue of Life is uniquely Christian in nature, as it was the Conservative Christians combined with certain Catholics whose efforts led to the overturn of Roe v Wade. Plenty of nonbelievers can assert that life begins in the womb, yet the mere fact does not inherently stir the heart to action, nor does it automatically provoke moral outrage against the practice of abortion. Even the abortion customer understands that they are killing a life within their womb, yet the mere acknowledgment does not change their decision.

The sanctity of life and marriage are crucial evangelistic issues in the mission field of politics, pointing to that which is eternal. Only through Christ is there eternal life while marriage as an institution is reflective in God’s relationship with the Church, that the Church is the Bride of Christ.

The Marxists are recreating the American civic religion in their image. Let it be boldly rejected and supplanted by the honoring of Life instead.

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  1. Pray tell how the pagan celebrations of Christmas and Easter point to anything Heavenly?

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